Our Pricing

Our Virtual Team Building Activities come in different duration and menus, but we made it simple for you.

The price depends only from the number of participants and the add-on services you may want to include.

Learn live with your chef


Small groups up to 20 guests
90 pp
  • Interact in Video Audio Chat
  • Your Favorite Streaming Platform
  • ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer
  • Dish Challenge
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Virtual Dining Rooms
  • Session Recording


Medium Group 20 to 100 Guests
90 pp
  • Interact in Live Chat
  • Your Favorite Streaming Platform
  • ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer
  • 1 VIP Audio/Video Guest
  • Group Cook Along
  • Session Recording
  • Live Polls & Surveys


Big Group 100+ Guests
90 pp
  • Interact in Q&A Sessions
  • Your Favorite Streaming Platform
  • ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer
  • Session Recording

Plan your virtual culinary
team building

Food Box Delivery

No ingredient hunting for your team! Let us deliver a food box to everybody’s doorstep. The quantity usually covers 3-4 meals so participants can also replicate the dishes they learn.

Our food supplier partners can deliver in the vast majority of countries worldwide! Check with sales the exact overage.

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Personalized Kitchen Goodies

Turn your team members into Chefs! With ChefPassport personalizes kitchen goodies you can create a fun moment of camaraderie during the activity. ChefPassport customized aprons, chef’s hats or chopping boards becomes a keepsake that stays with your members long after the event ends. Looking for a specific customization? Ask sales!

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Nutrition & Remote Leadership Keynote Speakers

Have you ever tried mindful eating? We partner with worldwide renowned keynote speakers and business influencer operating in the space or remote leadership and remote corporate wellbeing. Our spokespersons are happy to share their tricks, practical tips and experience with the world of remote working and its impact on nutrition such as staying connected to your office while still maintaining health eating lifestyle, snacking hacks and food knowledge sharing in the new normal.

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