What We Believe

Live our vision, mission and values

We are on a mission to unite food lovers and cooks from around the world. We aim to make international cuisine more accessible. We seek to use local ingredients as a means to create global flavors. With our sustainable and innovative digital products and services we deliver cooking experiences that allow you to have the world on your plate every day.

The world on your plate. Every day.
We illustrate respect.
With our human focus, we ensure our team respects your culture, language and dietary needs.
We embrace the culture of the world

We embrace culture.
With our digital streaming we create dialogues that help to build a more open and understanding world

We are role models

We believe that one must lead by example. With our self development focus, we ask you to drive your own culinary experience

We build ahead of trends

We aspire to innovate daily. With our talent, we empower teams to think outside the box in all that we do

We constantly learn

We see every person as a student. With our passionate chefs we teach you more than a recipe, but also skills for life

Social connection
We love people

We connect people. With our aim to blend offline dining into an online world, we seek to build networks.