Our Chefs

The world on your plate. Every day.

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Top Chef Instructors

Emily Larsen

Patient, kind and enthusiastic, exactly the type of person you want by your side as you try something new.

Kit Smyth

Culinary instructor and Food Writer specialized in Greek Cuisine

Zurath Kamdin

A professional chef with a International cuisine background

David Lienas

Specialized in Italian traditional cuisine

Yuka Caves

Chef and Sake Sommelier trained in Japanese Kaiseki cuisine

Joshua Weitzer

Tapas and Paella Master from Barcelona, Spain

Professional Digital Chefs

Mounaime Kodssi

Professional Moroccan Chef. Here to teach you real Moroccan delicacies!

Judel Sean

Love eating and cooking delicious Filipino food

Jair Herrera

Passionate and creative chef always on the go.

Filippo Melfi

Italian Chef instructor from Rome

Soe Cavalca

Pro Chef from Bangkok, expert of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine

Hira Farrukh

Professional Chef from Karachi, Pakistan!

Geronimo Flores

Chef Geronimo Flores is passionate for authentic Filipino food

Jonathan Guardia

A passionate chef, who makes traditional and creative Peruvian cuisine

Fabian Vitale

Pro Argentinian Chef living in Panamá

Goran Josipovic

Professional Chef from Belgrade Serbia mastering Balkan cuisine

Swapnil Jadhav

Pro Indian Chef, Based out of Mumbai and passionate about Indian food

Matthew Frances

Chef and food video producer living in Los Angeles

Andre Susilo

Professional Chef from Indonesia

Farhan Ahmed

Pakistani Chef, in love with Spices

Betul Unudulmaz

Chef Betül Unudulmaz is our professional chef from Istanbul

Food Influencers

Ikuko Asoh

Home Cook from Japan. Passionate of old Japanese homefood

Chase Nilson

An at-home culinary adventurer who loves butter

Fatma El-Hassan

Passionate home cook from Egypt, running social cooking classes at home

Francesca Bonicolini

Food Blogger from Tuscany, Italy