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Chef Geronimo Flores has always had passion for authentic food. He grew up in a small town of Bolinao, Pangasinan, in the northern part of his beloved country, the Philippines. Growing up, he spent every minute he could in his mother and grandmother’s kitchens. Learning at an early age in helping around the kitchen from picking up fresh produce from their backyard farm to cooking his favorite meals.Although cooking was his passion, fate had other plans. At the same time where the computer industry was booming, he took up Computer Programming thinking that this course will help pull them up financially. Don’t get him wrong, he did well academically, finishing at the top and excelled in other extra curricular activities. All set in his path, he went to Dubai to start his professional career.Fate once again intervened, with steep competition in the IT indusry, he was given a chance to work in a five star hotel. There he was again introduced to the culinary world. Starting at the bottom as an apprentice chef for large scale events such as the Dubai World Cup, Dubai Airshows, Dubai Desert Classic and ,many more. After several years, he left the hotel and was hired as Sous Chef in Lafayette Gourmet in Dubai Mall. He started handling the Italian section and for being workaholic and constantly asking for more challenges, he was promoted to Senior Sous Chef and was mainly in charge of the 7 cuisines themed restaurant and later on grew more as he was again promoted to Head chef for the company’s Catering and Events.With experience and guidance of his mentors throughout his career, he was entrusted to lead a couple of restaurant openings not only in Dubai but also in Bahrain and Lebanon. He has done a lot but the highlights of his career was being featured in The National newspaper to promote a local product, cooking lesson and demos for the Google Dubai Headquarters, winner in the Pink Caravan charity event for making the World’s Most Expensive Burger and a many more. Currently he is enjoying his career break with his family after a 16 year journey abroad.

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