Mounaime Kodssi

Chef Mounaime Kodssi is a professional Chef from the beautiful Morocco. Falling in love with the rich and flavorful Moroccan cuisine early on in life, Chef graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of cooking and never looked back. Talent and Drive fueled Chef’s passion knowledge in all thing’s gastronomy. To know what works […]

Judel Sean

Chef Judel Sean is an amateur Chef from the Philippines. After getting his degree in hotel and restaurant management, Chef Judel quickly knew his direction would be in the kitchen. Growing his culinary resume by working in a variety of restaurants, he has great knowledge of French and Italian Cuisine, though he specializes in Pilipino […]

Jair Herrera

Chef Jair loves the kitchen, experimenting with news ingredients, creating new flavors while sharing his experiences people, and creating memories with them. He is our professional chef out of Mexico. Living in South Mexico, Jair is used to spices and abundance of fresh produce. His special love is towards fresh sea food preperation. In his […]

Filippo Melfi

My name is Filippo and I am from Rome. My culinary journey began when I was 17, which was when I decided to become a butcher. I quickly started working in a family owned restaurant, but I wanted to do and be more. Which is why I moved to London and spent 2 years at […]

Soe Cavalca

Chef Soe Cavalca is a professional Chef from Bangkok. Her journey in the culinary world of Asian cuisine began at a surprisingly young age of five, where her first accomplished dish was fried eggs. The blend of her grandmothers, one Thai and one Chinese, allowed her to dive in and learn traditional cooking skills from […]

Hira Farrukh

Chef Hira is our professional Chef from Pakistan. She is trained in Pakistani, Continental and Chinese Cuisines, along with Baking and Cocktails. She loves street food and is passionate about Spices. She has published her own book on Pakistani Cuisine.

Geronimo Flores

Chef Geronimo Flores has always had passion for authentic food. He grew up in a small town of Bolinao, Pangasinan, in the northern part of his beloved country, the Philippines. Growing up, he spent every minute he could in his mother and grandmother’s kitchens. Learning at an early age in helping around the kitchen from […]

Jonathan Guardia

Professional Chef Jonathan studied his culinary skills in “San Ignacio de loyola” in Lima-Perú. After graduation, with the aim to further his culinary skills and learn western techniques, he continued his academic journey in Haaga Helia, Finland. Chef Jonathan has been in the culinary business for the last 12 years and has worked in Michelin […]

Fabian Vitale

Chef Fabian Vitale simply loves food and pastry. He has spent many years traveling and cooking across Europe and South America. Through such experiences, he has become a go-to for fusion cooking involving Mediterranean classics and South American favorites like empanadas and Argentina’s ‘new’ take on pizza. Chef Fabian obtained a Professional Diploma in Culinary […]

Goran Josipovic

Balkan cuisine specialist Chef Goran Josipovic hails from Serbia and graduated from culinary school in 2008. With a passion for his country’s cuisine, he worked with several top restaurants in the Belgrade area before expanding his repertoire to the high seas. For three years, he honed his skills as a chef on a cruise ship […]