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Welcome to ChefPassport’s case study page! Our virtual team building food experiences bring companies together, no matter the distance, and promote creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The world on your plate. Every day.
Group photo of Amazon Finance Team during a ChefPassport culinary team-building event, showcasing the rich and diverse cuisine of Luxembourg.
The ChefPassport event was more than we hoped for. Not only was the setting perfect, but the variety in the menu, especially the vegetarian options, brought a personal touch. It was a delightful blend of fun and teamwork, making it more than just an event; it was a shared culinary journey that united our diverse team in a unique, Luxembourgish experience.
Laura Oppermann - Executive Assistant Amazon
Laura Oppermann
Executive Assistant at Amazon
This interactive experience brought us closer, as we shopped for ingredients and prepared the dish together. Standing, cooking, and laughing with microphones on, made it engaging and social. It felt more like an experience than just an activity.
Lukas Kay Satchel
Lukas Kay
Brand Marketing Manager
Staying connected with colleagues can be tough, especially when you're spread out across different cities. Even if you're all co-located in one city, virtual events can still be a valuable way to stay connected and engaged with your team.
Nathan Zanzig
Nathan Zanzig
Product Operations | Oscar Health
Smooth sailing all the way! Everything was timely and hassle-free, with the recipe link making it easy to prep the team beforehand. Absolutely no issues to report!
Anta Zerva Amazon
Anta Zerva
Executive Assistant at Amazon
"Despite being in different locations due to the pandemic, your event brought us together and added some much-needed fun to our routine. Everyone had a blast, and it was great to see so many happy faces!"
Euroclear Bank
Anna Golosunow
Senior Team Leader - Euroclear
"Meeting the new boss in a fun, unexpected way felt good. The cost was accessible and more affordable than other options we considered. Choosing you was an easy decision. Thanks!"
Justine Intertrust
Justine van Buttingha Wichers
Head of People Communication
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