Soe Cavalca


Thai, Chinese and Japanese


English, Thai, Italian

Time Zone:

Central Europe Time (UTC +1)



Chef Soe Cavalca is a professional Chef from Bangkok. Her journey in the culinary world of Asian cuisine began at a surprisingly young age of five, where her first accomplished dish was fried eggs. The blend of her grandmothers, one Thai and one Chinese, allowed her to dive in and learn traditional cooking skills from a welcoming and talented source. Growing up in a large family that is deeply rooted in cooking, she was able to hone in and improve her culinary skills to the point that she was named the “official” cook of the family. This is quite a notable accomplishment given her brother participated on Master Chef Thailand and her cousin is considered one of the top Thai food bloggers on the market. She took her next step in the professional arena at 20 years old working in her family’s restaurant where she elevated cuisine for 15 years. Change was in the air when she married an Italian man from Parma, where she relocated and continued to cultivate her passion for cooking. Her culinary repertoire has grown to include Italian cuisine along with her specializing in Thai, Chinese and Japanese. Those close to Chef Soe will share her love for the taste of soy sauce, making it a crucial ingredient in her recipes. In 2018 she launched a Thai cooking blog that can be found on Instagram under @ssosoe, but you can find her teaching her skills in Thai cuisine at culinary schools in Bologna, Parma and Milan. Chef Soe’s unique blend in international cuisine will have her creating elevating and delicious experiences that students will remember.

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