Swapnil Jadhav

Chef Swapnil Jadhav is a talented Indian chef with a diverse culinary background spanning the globe. Hailing from the beautiful and exotic city of Lonavala, India, he is a proud traditional Maharashtran. Chef Swapnil’s passion for food was ignited during his studies in Hospitality at Pune University, and he has since amassed an impressive resume […]

Matthew Frances

Matthew Frances is a talented chef and food video producer based in Los Angeles, California. His work as a BuzzFeed Tasty Producer, where he created top-down recipe videos for over 100 million Tasty fans, has made him a household name in the food industry. Matthew’s love for cooking began at a young age, and he […]

Andre Susilo

Born in Bandung, Indonesia, Chef Andre Susilo is a highly skilled professional chef with over 10 years of experience working in hotels, restaurants, ships, and catering. He attended culinary school in Indonesia, and since 2003, he has been dedicated to perfecting his craft. Chef Andre has a passion for Indonesian and fusion cuisine and has […]

Farhan Ahmed

Chef Farhan Ahmed is a highly skilled culinary expert hailing from Pakistan. Like most chefs, his passion for cooking and desire to learn led him on a culinary journey that saw him rise through the ranks of various kitchens, continuously building his skills and taking workshops to refine his craft. Chef Farhan’s passion for the […]

Betul Unudulmaz

Chef Betul Unudulmaz is a talented culinary professional with a passion for traditional Turkish cuisine. She graduated from MSA (Culinary Arts Academy) in Istanbul, where she honed her skills and developed her knowledge of cooking techniques and flavor profiles. With over three years of experience working as a professional chef, Chef Betul has established herself […]

Daniel Rodriguez

With over 13 years of experience in the culinary world, this chef is a true specialist in modern Colombian gastronomy and Asian cuisine, with a deep understanding of the latest culinary techniques and trends. They have honed their craft through years of hard work and dedication, studying under some of the world’s top chefs and […]

Max Tripoli

Chef Max Tripoli was born into a full-blood Sicilian family in the United States of America. His parents were deeply rooted in the restaurant industry, and when he was only five years old, they moved to Rome to open another family restaurant. As a child, Max spent his time playing with kitchen tools and learning […]

Jose Arturo

Chef Jose Arturo’s expertise lies in Mexican cuisine, having studied at the prestigious “Instituto Gastronómico Hidalguense”. He began his culinary career in a Mexican restaurant in Magog, Quebec, Canada, and later worked on a cruise ship in the Mexican buffet area. He then ventured to Malaysia, where he became the head chef at a Mexican […]