Filippo Melfi




Italian, English

Time Zone:

Central Europe Time (UTC +1)



My name is Filippo and I am from Rome. My culinary journey began when I was 17, which was when I decided to become a butcher. I quickly started working in a family owned restaurant, but I wanted to do and be more. Which is why I moved to London and spent 2 years at the Metropolitan Hotel & Durley House. I then had a wonderful opportunity to move to the United States and landed in Los Angeles, specifically at So.Ho. House in Cecconi’s West Hollywood for their 18 month restaurant opening. I then moved to Melbourne Australia – gaining more international experience before heading back to Rome. I now live in the Eternal City and work for a cooking school located downtown. Throughout my travels, I became an expert in teaching authentic Italian cuisine to tourists and locals alike. Leaving the restaurant kitchen to focus on another passion of mine, instructing, started over 4 years ago. In that time, I have learned how to teach my love for pasta, risotto and all things Italian. I have also fine-tuned how to make vegetarian and gluten free dishes, while keeping the authentic tastes of Italy. Just let me know how you want to learn and I will ensure you will have a lovely Roman Holiday to your tastes!