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Why become a ChefPassport affiliate?

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Commission
30% Commission

Spice up your content’s power and earn up to 30% commission + additional bonuses.

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Growth
Scalable Payouts

Grow as you help us grows. The more referrals you make, the greater your rewards.

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Bonus
Sign-up Bonus

Begin your affiliate adventure with an 50€ immediate bonus as our warm welcome to the team!

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Asset Library
Growing Asset Library
Dive into an ever-expanding collection of 50+ creative assets, training manuals, and handy hints. We’re rooting for your success!
ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Support
Dedicated Support

Rely on our dedicated team whenever you’re in need. Our collaboration goes beyond just a nod of approval.

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Community
Affiliate Community

Be a part of an exclusive affiliate community, share insights, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

ChefPassport Affiliate Tiers

We believe you should always have growth opportunity
ChefPassport Affiliate
ChefPassport Affiliate
ChefPassport Premium Affiliate
ChefPassport Premium Affiliate
ChefPassport Chef Affiliate
ChefPassport Chef Affiliate
Commission on B2C (ChefPassport Escapes)
20% recurrent (first year)
30% recurrent (first year) + bonuses
Custom commission
Commission on B2B (Virtual Events)
10% on sale
20% on sale
Custom Commission
Your Starting Point
50+ monthly sales (B2C & B2B)
100+ monthly sales (B2C & B2B)
50€ Welcome Bonus
Access to Exclusive Promotions
Challenge affiliates and earn more
Dedicated Account Manager
50+ Promotional Assets
Guest Blogging Opportunity
Priority in Affiliate Payouts
Quarterly Affiliate Webinars
Co-branded landing pages and custom promotional assets
Bonus Incentives for Top Performers
Featured Interview on ChefPassport Blog

*Signups must meet eligibility requirements

(see FAQs for more details).

Are you a good fit?

ChefPassport’s Affiliate Program is for food-tech content creators who want to monetize their content and help foodies worldwide try new delicious experiences. We would love to partner with you if you are a:

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Food Blogger
Culinary b/vlogger

You weave tales of global flavors, capturing hearts one article or one video at a time

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Food Photographer
Food Fotographer

You frame every dish as a masterpiece, letting flavors shine through pixels

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Digital Chef
Digital Chef

You’re the culinary maestro of the digital age, teaching the world from your screen

How to Get Started

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Step 1
Join the Program
Toss your application into our mix, and we’ll give it a good stir. Expect a taste-test feedback within 2-3 business days. Hungry for tips on getting a thumbs-up? Take a peek here.
ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Step 2
Promote ChefPassport

Drizzle your content with our affiliate links. Pair your seasoned insights with our resources, marketing assets, and support chefs to make promoting ChefPassport easy.

ChefPassport Affiliate Program - Step 3.jpg
Get Paid and Scale

Reap a flavorful monetary share for each qualified customer you refer. As your culinary referral performance grows, we’ll take you to the next affiliate tier level, which translates into more rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

The ChefPassport Affiliate Program is an exclusive opportunity for content creators in the food-tech niche to earn lucrative commissions by promoting our unique B2B and B2C offerings, ranging from team-building events to personalized recipe subscriptions.
Apart from the generous commission structure, affiliates benefit from a 50€ welcome bonus, marketing assets, exclusive promotions, advanced tracking tools, a supportive team, and tier-based privileges that enhance your earning potential.
It’s a piece of cake! Simply apply through our online portal by answering our onboarding questionnaire. Once you’ve submitted your application, our team will review it and get back to you within 2-3 business days.
No dough needed! Joining our affiliate program is completely free.

The sky’s the limit! With our tiered commission structure, the more you refer, the bigger your slice of the pie. For B2C subscription services, tiered affiliates can earn between 20% to 40% commission, and for B2B event services, 10% to 20%.

At ChefPassport, our affiliates earn commission on customer referrals for the entire duration the customer stays with us, up to a full year.

To give you a clearer picture, let’s use an example:

Suppose you are a Premium Affiliate. In a single month, through your unique code:

  • 50 customers sign up for ChefPassport Premium Escapes.
  • 2 Corporate events are booked, each catering to 10 people.

Let’s break down your earnings:

  1. ChefPassport Premium Escapes Commission:

    • Monthly revenue from 50 signups: 2.99€/month * 50 = 149.50€
    • Your commission at 30%: 149.50€ * 0.30 = 44.85€ for that month

    If these 50 customers continue their subscription for the entire year, without considering churn:

    • Your annual commission for these signups: 44.85€ * 12 = 538.20€
  2. Corporate Events Commission:

    • Revenue from 2 corporate events: 599.99€ * 2 = 1,199.98€
    • Your commission at 20%: 1,199.98€ * 0.20 = 239.996€

Total Monthly Commission: 44.85€ (Escapes) + 239.996€ (Corporate) = 284.84€

Projected Annual Commission:

  • From Escapes: 538.20€
  • From Corporate Events (assuming 2 events every month): 239.996€ * 12 = 2,879.95€

Total Annual Commission: 538.20€ + 2,879.95€ = 3,418.15€

Remember, the yearly commission from Escapes will depend on customer retention. With our given structure, if a customer referred by you stays with ChefPassport for a full year, you’ll earn commission on their payments for that entire duration, up to a maximum of one year.

We’re seeking passionate food-tech content creators, from culinary vloggers and food photographers to digital chefs. If you have a flair for global cuisines and a vibrant online presence, you might just be the perfect fit!

ChefPassport caters to a diverse audience, both in the B2B and B2C sectors:

For B2B: Our primary audience includes corporates and companies that have embraced remote working. We resonate especially with:

  • HR Managers
  • Vice Presidents of HR
  • Internal Event Managers
  • Chief Happiness Officers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants

These professionals are constantly seeking innovative solutions for employee engagement, particularly for remote teams. If your content speaks to organizational culture, team building, or remote work dynamics, highlighting our Virtual Cooking Team Building events can be a fantastic fit.

For B2C: Our offerings are tailored for individuals with varying culinary needs:

  • Health-conscious enthusiasts adhering to specific diets (like vegetarian, paleo, keto, and more).
  • Busy individuals, from working professionals to parents, looking for streamlined, personalized recipe recommendations.
  • Curious souls eager to delve into world cuisines.
  • Students on a budget, seeking cost-effective yet palatable meal solutions.
  • Those with precise health goals, such as weight gain or loss, or managing allergies.

When promoting to this segment, focus on the personalized touch ChefPassport brings to the culinary journey. Whether it’s catering to specific dietary preferences or curating world cuisine experiences, ChefPassport offers a tailored approach to every palate.

In tailoring your promotions, understand the pain points or desires of these specific audiences. Create content that highlights how ChefPassport can be their solution, be it for fostering team connections in the corporate world or navigating the vast culinary universe on a personal level.

Absolutely! While being a customer can add a personal touch to your promotions, it’s not a mandatory ingredient.

Ready to become a HubSpot affiliate? Find out how you can optimize your application here.

Stir in your expertise with your creativity and our marketing marketing assets, then sprinkle your unique affiliate links in relevant content. Whether it’s a blog, social media, or videos, the recipe for success is in your hands!

Our platform offers comprehensive tools to track your conversions, commissions, and more. With customizable reports, you can optimize and monitor your promotional efforts with precision.

We process commissions monthly via different payments methods, we favor direct payment (EFT), Paypal and Wise. Once your earnings reach our minimum threshold of 10€ (or equivalent in your currency), we’ll whisk them your way!

Absolutely! Share the deliciousness of ChefPassport on any platform. Just ensure you adhere to our guidelines and best practices.

While we encourage creativity, we also have some guidelines in place to ensure our brand is represented tastefully.

Absolutely! ChefPassport Escapes takes into consideration various dietary restrictions and allergies. Our recipes can be customized to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring you can enjoy flavorful meals while staying within your dietary boundaries.

We’ve partnered with Referral Factory, our reliable third-party affiliate platform. Through Referral Factory, you’ll find all your affiliate links, monitor their performance, and watch as your commissions get processed seamlessly.

In the rare event of any discrepancies, our affiliate support team is at hand to review and resolve matters swiftly. We believe in transparent and fair partnerships.

After you’ve sent in your application, our team takes a detailed look at it. Expect to hear back from us in about 2-3 business days. Rest assured, we provide individual feedback to every applicant, regardless of the outcome.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to use paid advertising, but ensure your promotions align with ChefPassport’s brand guidelines and values.

We regularly send out newsletters and updates to our affiliates. Make sure to check your registered email and our affiliate dashboard for the latest news.

ChefPassport offers a duo of delightful culinary services. Firstly, we have our B2B Virtual Cooking Team Building events tailored for corporates seeking a unique bonding experience (learn more). Secondly, we cater to individuals with our B2C Personalized Recipe subscription service known as ChefPassport Escapes (learn more). For the purpose of our affiliate tiers, both a new subscriber signup for ChefPassport Premium or ChefPassport Gourmet under ChefPassport Escapes and a successful sale for a Virtual Team Building/Corporate Event are counted towards advancing to the Premium and Chef Tiers.

Monetize your food passion

Become an affiliate and receive commission for each ChefPassport sale you drive. Creating food content has never been so rewarding.

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