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Are you a Team Leader, Happiness Officer, Executive or Personal Assistant looking for a way to increase employee engagement in a remote working environment?

Look no further! Our corporate cooking classes are the perfect experience for your virtual team building. It’s innovative, fast and cost effective, making it easy to bring your geographically dispersed employees together in a fun and social way.

Don’t let distance hinder team building, try our virtual culinary team building experience today and boost team morale!


Nourishing minds, hearts, and appetites with virtual corporate cooking classes

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Elevate remote team spirit and save money

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Choose from over 70 menus crafted by 10 Top Chefs, featuring 15 diverse cuisines

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Ingredients Box Delivered to every participant prior to the event*
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Connect Team Members

We connect colleagues from remote locations globally, faster, more frequent and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in person event

Tailor-made Formats

Latest post-pandemic market trends in the market with our tailored team-specific formats


Make your event truly special by having personalized kitchen essentials delivered to every participant.

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Boost Your Team’s Camaraderie with Corporate Cooking Class. SalesForce experience
“All I had to do was pick the menu and send addresses for the aprons and food to be sent. You were professional, thoughtful, respectful, and executed flawlessly. Thanks!”
Michael Holcomb

Michael Holcomb

Tableau Senior Manager Customer Success, Financial Services - Salesforce

Corporate cooking class
Virtual Events for Teams: New Fun Way of Team Building in Amazon
“When we debriefed the experience with ChefPassport the team unanimously considered the experience out of this world”
Giuseppe Panarese​

Giuseppe Panarese​

​Head of Marketplace EU Automotive​​

virtual events for teams
How ChefPassport’s Team Cooking Class Empowered Acronis and Helped to Unite Across Borders
“For a large company like ours, virtual cooking events are the perfect way to get together teams, especially if employees are spread around the world”
Quinn Romo

Quinn Romo

Cyber Protection Advisor

Team cooking class
“I will definitely recommend ChefPassport if you are looking for an alternative to the typical team event. It’s easily available, easy to organize, fun and different”
Paul Kikano

Paul Kikano

​Head of Amazon Business Marketplace Europe

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Bring your remote team together with a virtual culinary experience they’ll never forget! Fill out your contact details and one of our representatives will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss the details of your event and provide you with a personalized quote. For speedy communication, don’t forget to include your WhatsApp number. In case you only leave your email and don’t hear from us within 1 business day, please check your spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking is an ideal team building activity because it fosters collaboration, communication, and creativity among team members. Working together to create a meal requires planning, coordination, and delegation of tasks, which are all important skills in any team setting. Cooking also allows team members to bond over a shared experience, and provides an opportunity for them to get to know each other in a relaxed and informal setting. Additionally, cooking can be a fun and enjoyable activity, which can help to boost team morale and create a positive and productive work environment. Overall, cooking as a team building experience is a great way to strengthen relationships and build a stronger, more cohesive team.

The event is organized at your own office premises. We’ve designed a special format in collaboration with Anne Faber to meet your needs and make the experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. We’ll take care of everything and bring the event right to your doorstep.

Anne Faber is an accomplished chef and the founder of Anne’s Kitchen. With over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry, Anne is known for her passion for cooking and creating delicious, healthy, and visually stunning dishes. She has worked with some of the most renowned restaurants and chefs in the industry and has won numerous awards for her culinary expertise. With Anne as your chef, you can be sure that your team building event will be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Niels Toase is an award-winning sommelier and service professional with over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. He has worked in various positions in restaurants, hotels, and wineries across Europe and Ireland, and is also the co-founder of a successful wine catering business. You can be assured that Niels will provide an excellent wine tasting experience for your team building event.

Your team building event includes a variety of exciting features and amenities that will make it an unforgettable experience for all participants.

We will provide event management services for your corporate cooking class, which includes but is not limited to arranging the venue, catering, equipment, and other necessary arrangements. The services also involve the involvement of 3rd party suppliers, freelancers, and independent vetted and reputable companies.

Here’s what you can expect to be included in the class:

  • Guidance and instruction from Anne Faber, a renowned Luxembourgish cuisine expert, as she guides you through the cooking experience.
  • Professional sommelier service for wine tasting, with unique Alice Hartmann wines tasting that includes one cremant and three types of wines.
  • Mouthwatering finger food authentic dishes that showcase the flavors and traditions of Luxembourgish cuisine.
  • Consideration of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and lactose-free options, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the culinary experience.
  • Purchase and delivery of all necessary ingredients and wines, as well as rental of glasses and kitchenware to make the cooking and wine tasting experience easy and convenient.
  • Rental of branded aprons for participants, and the option to order custom-made aprons as a gift.
  • Personalised gift for each participant – a custom-made Luxembourg-shaped cookie cutter from Anne’s Kitchen – as a unique and memorable takeaway.
  • Menu printouts with all recipes and places for note-taking, serving as a memory of the event.
  • Flexible scheduling options to choose the time that’s most convenient for your team.
  • Dining together with your team after the cooking class and during the wine tasting, providing a fun and engaging opportunity to socialize and network.
  • Dedicated kitchen assistants to ensure a smooth experience, as well as dedicated class production team support throughout all event organization.
  • Set up and clean up of your location, so that you can relax and enjoy the experience without having to worry about the details.

Overall, this team building event provides a range of experiences and achievements that will leave your team feeling connected, engaged, and energized.

Anne has created a special finger food menu featuring traditional Luxembourgish cuisine, specifically for your team building event. You can expect a culinary experience that’s both unique and authentic, with each dish carefully crafted to satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling fully satisfied.

For the wine tasting portion of your team building event, we’ll be working with Alice Hartmann, one of the best wine domains in Luxembourg. Their wines are known for their exceptional quality and flavor, and we’re excited to be partnering with them to provide you with an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Get ready to discover new flavors and aromas that will delight your senses!

Absolutely! We understand that dietary restrictions and preferences are common and important, and we want to ensure that everyone can fully participate in the cooking experience. Our menu already includes vegetarian and lactose-free options, but if you have any other dietary restrictions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work. We can adjust the menu and recipes accordingly to accommodate your needs and ensure that you have a great experience. Just inform us of any dietary requirements ahead of time so we can make the necessary preparations.

Yes, our cooking experience is designed to be a team-building activity, so it works best for groups of 10-20 people. However, we can also accommodate larger groups, depending on the location and other logistics. If you have a group larger than 20 people, please contact our sales team, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details and work with you to create a custom plan that suits your needs. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience and can help tailor the event to the size of your group

Our cooking experience, along with the wine tasting, typically lasts for about 120 minutes. This includes the cooking class, wine tasting, and dining with your team. We aim to make the event fun, engaging, and interactive while still being mindful of everyone’s time. Our goal is for you to enjoy a unique and memorable team-building experience without disrupting your workday too much.

Absolutely! While we can bring the cooking experience to your office, we understand that not all office spaces are suitable for this type of event. Therefore, we work with several locations that can provide their space for the event if your office doesn’t meet the requirements. We can help you find the perfect venue based on your needs and preferences, ensuring that the event is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable for everyone. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest!

To host the cooking class and wine tasting event at your office, we require:

  • Kitchen with sink
  • Quick run dishwasher (at least one)
  • No carpet in the cooking area
  • Whole fridge available before the event day (plus an additional one for the wines)
  • Tables and chairs provided by location
  • 1 storage room
  • If cooking and wine tasting, 2 separate and relatively close rooms
  • Location photos in advance
  • Participants to wash their hands in advance and venue to provide sanitisers
  • Bonus if location provides water glasses and cutlery
  • Trolleys for distribution (if possible)
  • Lots of towels for drying

Absolutely! We want to make this team building experience as personalized and memorable as possible. In addition to the custom-made cookie cutters that are already included, you can also order personalized kitchen aprons to be taken away by each participant. These aprons will serve as a lasting reminder of the fun and engaging cooking experience.

Furthermore, we can also provide a goodie bag with local brands of products that we use during the class. This will give participants a chance to try out these products at home and recreate some of the dishes they learned during the class. These personal touches are a great way to make the experience even more special and meaningful for your team

If you need to cancel your event, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. The following cancellation policy will apply:
– Up to 14 days prior to the event start date: 80% refund of the experience cost, not including costs related to suppliers.

– Up to 10 days prior to the event start date: 60% refund of the experience cost, not including costs related to suppliers.

– 7 days or less before the event: Invoice is non-refundable

Yes, we take safety and risk management seriously, and we are insured for this type of event. We have comprehensive insurance coverage that includes liability, property damage, and other potential risks that could occur during the event. For example, if someone accidentally cuts their finger or if there is a case of food poisoning, we have insurance coverage that can help mitigate the financial impact of these incidents. You can rest assured that you are in good hands, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer. Any additional expenses incurred during the event will be billed separately, and payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date. Please note that in case of online payment transaction fees may apply.

Check out this Blog Post on the “Delights of Luxembourg” event that we organized on Amazon premises in March 2023.

Virtual corporate cooking lessons are an event of 60 to 75-minute session, you, the chef, and other participants will make the entire dish from scratch. It is an excellent event to offer since they are easily customizable and help you or your customer to personalize it. Cooking experiences are also excellent for engaging audiences since they promote contact and involvement throughout the event. Because of the high degree of participation, this sort of event is ideal for team building and creating connections between both employees and colleagues.

This may be the ideal moment to opt for an online cooking class and finally learn to cook from the comfort of your own home. Virtual classrooms bring the world’s greatest chefs to your computer, which itself is an unforgettable experience. These sorts of activities have been shown to increase mental stability, lessen anxiety, depression, and other mental diseases. This is no good time to focus on the activity and get away from the negativity. Online cooking lessons may significantly improve your cooking abilities. Everything from learning new ingredients to understanding how to use various equipment is covered. These new abilities will result in amazing memories with colleagues, family and friends. Through its different components and combinations, international food helps you to learn about other cultures. It also forces you to learn about various cultures at your own table!
Research shows that a satisfactory, rewarding and fun activity has a high impact on employee engagement ultimately reducing attrition and improving productivity. When one sits back and breaks down the goals of team building, the similarities are comparable to the skills needed to succeed in the kitchen. What are these synergistic bullet points and how can they merge business with “pleasure”? – Communication – Problem Solving and Decision making – Troubleshooting – Planning and adaptability – Building trust When one reads over these traits, it is very easy to see that they are also “key” points of focus used in many facets of life. When in the kitchen, not only is communication a given, but how many times have you encountered a recipe and did not have an ingredient! For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, modifying can be in some cases, life or death, creating the need to troubleshoot and adapt and problem solve. The ability to take what is needed for business success and merge the underlying tactics needed in the kitchen is a win-win for individuals, teams and organizations.
Every ChefPassport experience includes: – ChefPassport Virtual Cooking Class with a Top Chef Instructor – Dedicated Support for Event Organization and Moderation – Online Travel Agenda, document presenting ingredients, kitchenware, recipes and methods – 30 min Virtual Dine Rooms in TeamCook session You can enrich and tailor your experience to your need by including the following add-ons: – Ingredient Box Delivery – Kitchen Goodies Souvenir Delivery (Personalized Aprons, Chef’s Hats, Chopping Boards) – VIP Keynote speakers, expert of remote leadership, nutrition and corporate wellbeing. – “Pitch Your Dish” to the Chef (Friedndly Competition) – “Dish Challenge” (Friendly competition) – Virtual Dine Rooms – Parallel Session – VIP Guests – Custom Streaming Tool – Session Recording
We are constantly expanding our menu offering and onboarding more Top Chef Instructors from all over the world. At the moment, we propose over 100 menus across the following cuisines: – French – Spanish – Greek I- talian – Japanese – Filipino – Mexican – Argentinian – Moroccan – Luxembourgish Do you need help in selecting your menu or are you looking for another cuisine or a specific dish? Ask your Online Travel Guide during the Discovery call and she will be able to give you our best recommendation.
Absolutely. All our menus are designed with our expert Chefs in a way that with a simple ingredient substitution, they could turn into vegetarian or vegan menus. Ask your Online Travel Guide during the Discovery call should you any of your participants have more specific dietary restrictions or allergies.
Yes, depending on the desired format and selected add-ons a minimum number of 10 participants for a TeamCook, 40 participant for a Cookinar and 200 participants for a Cookcast might be required. This can vary. Ask your Online Travel Guide during your Discovery Call.
ChefPassport basic virtual cooking experiences can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes, but the price is the same! The smallest TeamCook Event with Shopping List only is priced 599.00€ and can host up to 10 participants. We can host even less than 10 participants, but the cost is the same. Participants: – in between 11 and 20, are billed 39.99€ per person. – in between 21 and 100, are billed 19.99€ per person – from 101 onwards, are billed 9.99€ per person If you choose to ship to every participant: – a foodbox with ingredients, this will cost additional 89.99€ per person. – a personalized apron, this will cost additional 19.99€ per person. – a personalized chopping board, this will cost additional 19.99€ per person. Keynote speakers, nutritionists and lecturers you might be interested to add to the session have different rates depending on their subject of experitse and involvement. Check with your Virtual Event Manager what options are available.
ChefPassport basic virtual cooking experiences can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes, but the price is the same! We would love to teach you a 3-Michelin star dish in 1 hour…but unfortunately this is not possible! To make the most of our experiences, the key is simplicity! Participants can have different cooking skills and we want to guarantee a level playing field for everyone. Virtual cooking requires multitasking, attention and precision hence we designed our menus to give enough room to every participant to enjoy the experience at their pace.
Should you cancel the class up to 14 days prior to the event start date, you will receive an 80% refund. Should you cancel the class up to 10 days prior to the event start date, you will receive an 60% refund of the Invoice. Any cancellation within 7 or less days before the event, is non-refundable. Should you have ordered an option with Ingredients and/or Aprons Delivery and/or Chopping boards delivery – the cancellation of the class after third party suppliers are involved for perishable goods, personalised aprons, and/or any additional bespoke items for your event – you will not receive refund. Any cancellation before third party suppliers are involved for perishable goods, personalised aprons, and/or any additional bespoke items for your event – you will receive 80% refund.
If you are surea about your event details (number of participants, date, time, menu) you can simply book online in a few clicks. This is the easies way to secure your event and block the Chef’s availability in your esired time. Should you not be ready to putchase online or you prefer dedicated support from a representative, just contact us va phone, email, WhatsApp or book a Zoom call (see the details at the top of the page). One of our Virtual Event Managers will contact you within 1 business dat and support you throughout the sales, planning and delivery processes.
It depends on the menu you will be selecting and the related Top Chef Instructor. Our service operates worldwide, hence sometimes, due to the time difference, some experiences might not be available across every time zone. Contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp, website chat or book a Zoom call (see details at the top of the page). We will check and confirm the availability of the Chef for the experience you are interested in at your desired date and time.
It depends. If you include ingredients or aprons delivery, we required final confirmation and prepayment at least 10 days prior to the event, to allow us organize the delivery with our shipping suppliers. If you chose experience only we can delivery your events with only 72 hour of notice! Every booking confirmation is always subject to the chef availability at the desired date and time.
Sit down, relax, and let your Virtual Event Manager take care of the organization! Should you chose ingredient or aprons delivery you are expected to provide the home addresses of each participants at least 2 weeks prior to the event to allow us organize the delivery. Should you chose experience only, we just need you to provide the list of email addresses of the participants to invite. If your company has a stringent policy in terms of sharing employees information externally, we would require one point of contact only and this person will forward internally the communication we will be sending. In this case we will ask you as an event organizer to accept and sign a liability waver form, as well as accepting GDPR rules and overall terms and conditions of the service on behalf of the group.
We can accommodate Small, Medium and Large groups. From 10 to thousands of participants. We provide three different event formats based on the group size: – TeamCook – Up to 20 participant. Ideal for Highly Interactive and Fun Virtual Team Building – Cookinar – from 21 to 100 participants. Ideal for broader company events or across organizations (e.g. Dinner at the end of a full day virtual offsite) – Cookcast – over 100 participants. deal for Lunches/After work-Networking Cocktails during Global Virtual Conferences
ChefPassport expects general common sense and attention from the participants while working in the kitchen, especially with other friends or family members around. However ChefPassport cannot be liable for any injury which could happen. We ask every participant to fill a 30 seconds registration form online to collect explicit aknowledgement from individuals of security policies. If you are the responsible of the group and you prefer participants to skip the registration, you can ask your Event Manager to send you a document to sign on behalf of the entire group.
We have two options. If you are comfortable in sharing the list of guests and their email addresses with us, we will own the guest list and send the invites. Alternatively we will be talking to the internal event manager only, who will be responsible to forward internally the event details.

You only need your device with a very stable internet connection

We recommend that before your Online Cooking Class that you wash, clean, and dry your kitchenware tools. We recommend that you clean and wash all vegetables and fruits before the course. Be sure to refer to your Online Travel Agenda to measure the quantities and how to prepare individual ingredients, before your class. Do not cut your ingredients unless otherwise instructed in your Online Travel Agenda. You should log in and test your equipment ten minutes before the course starts time. For desktop or laptop users: Watch this short video if you have trouble getting into Zoom with your desktop. For mobile device users Watch this short video if you are having trouble getting into Zoom with your mobile. How to use technology during the event login for the event – You will see the Chef on multiple screens. We suggest that you pin the screen that has the most action so you can get a close-up view of the techniques used. Watch this short video on how to pin a screen on Zoom. In a TeamCook session keep your video on during the session – so the Chef can engage with you and see how you are doing. Interact and speak with the Chef when you have questions or want to learn more about a certain technique, ingredient, dish story, etc. – remember where your mic is, unmute and speak clearly if needed.
We will provide to every articipant an Online Travel Agenda, a document containing the shopping list with exact ingredients and servings, as well as the recipes and a few technical suggestion to enjoy the session most.
Absolutely! Everyone in each participant’s households is welcome. Kid love cooking and are often great sous-chefs!
Absolutely yes! Every event is moderated by a ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer in charge of opening the line, welcoming everyone, briefly introducing and explaining how the event takes place, monitoring the chat, launching polls and promoting conversations across the participants to guarantee an open, fun, relaxing and friendly environment!
We recommend to start logging in 5 minutes before the official time. In thei way you can check in advance your tech readiness (connection, audio, video), so you can make sure you are not missing anything as the event begins.