Emily Larsen

Chef Emily grew up on the New England coast of the United States with a love of seafood and freshly picked apples. Throughout her career, she has embraced every culinary adventure, exploring food from different cultures and regions to develop a well-rounded and exciting repertoire. After working in commercial and restaurant kitchens, she dedicated five […]

Kit Smyth

Chef Kit Smyth is a Professional chef formally trained in Australia with a focus on European cuisine. Chef Kit relocated to the United Kingdom where she is retired as an executive chef and shifted gears to food writing. In 2005, chef needed to continue to share her love of food by offering her own hands […]

Zurath Kamdin

Chef Zurath Kamdin is a professional chef previously residing in Hong Kong, and now in Portugal. At a very young age, his passion for cooking stood out. After graduating in allied sciences he also studies the catering world which led him on an adventure of culinary culture. His repertoire grew as did his travels around […]

David Lienas

David Lienas (Barcelona 1972) graduated in Tourism from Girona’s University and CETT private University. He studied cooking at Hofmann Cooking School in Barcelona, and worked in several Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Strasbourg. He has been chef of several restaurants in Barcelona and has worked as an advisor to the European Council […]

Yuka Caves

Chef Yuka: The Maestro of Japanese Cuisine Step into a world where tradition meets tantalizing tastes, all curated by the illustrious Chef Yuka. A virtuoso in traditional Japanese Kaiseki, she’s not just a chef but a storyteller of Japan’s rich culinary tapestry. With a foundation anchored deeply in Japanese home cooking, her expertise is magnified […]

Joshua Weitzer

I have been a foodie since I was very young and have always shared the passion for international cuisine that my parents shared with me. I love exploring new flavors and techniques and have basically taught myself about the finer points of cooking. While I have taken a few courses in cooking over the years […]