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Team members collaborating in a vibrant kitchen during a ChefPassport culinary team-building event, showcasing the rich and diverse cuisine of Luxembourg.

What is Asian Delights

Join Heather, the Cooking Musician, in a captivating cooking experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
She believes that an open mind and a shared meal can solve any problem, and she’ll entertain you with tales of her travels and cooking adventures, complete with moments of tragi-comedy in her kitchen.

Cooking, she’ll tell you, is a grand adventure! In her class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the art of making Chinese dumplings from scratch or crafting Asian Cold Finger Food Starters. It’s a chance to bond with your team, savor unique flavors, and share in the joy of culinary exploration. 

What You Get

Everything you need for
an unforgettable
cooking experience.

90' Cooking class

Engage in 90 to 120 minutes of immersive cooking sessions with Chef Heather, where you can learn and perfect culinary skills.

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Asian cuisine

Select from a variety of diverse menus to explore the rich flavors of Asian culinary traditions.

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Dietary Preferences

Tailored to accommodate most dietary preferences and allergies, ensuring a personalized and inclusive experience.

Lasting Memories

A team-building culinary adventure that strengthens relationships while exploring Asian cuisine, creating lasting memories and fostering collaboration.

Host in house

We organize our classes in a beautiful cooking studio in Windhof, having the option of hosting the event in your premises or in one of our partner locations.

Personalized gifts

Receive theme-related gifts, adding a special touch to your culinary journey.

What You'll Cook

Learn about Asian cuisine and choose your favourite course

Chinese Dumplings

Embark on a culinary journey to master the art of dumpling making with our expert Chef. Discover the diverse world of dumplings, from rolling the perfect dough to exploring the unique flavors and stories behind each variety. Collaborate, create, and delve into the cultural origins of these delightful parcels of joy, learning the techniques and traditions that make dumpling making a cherished culinary experience.

Asian Cold Finger-food

Explore the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine in a team-building culinary experience. Delve into authentic dishes from across China, learning and crafting together. This journey not only tantalizes the taste buds with diverse flavors but also fosters collaboration and unity. Engage in the art of cooking, discover cultural heritage, and strengthen team bonds through a shared love for delicious, traditional cuisine.

Full Course Menu

This cooking class offers a full course menu exploration of Chinese regional cuisines. Choose between fiery and bold Sichuan dishes like Hot and Numbing Chicken and Spicy Buckwheat Noodles; comforting and nostalgic Taiwanese specialties such as Tea Fried Rice and Taiwanese Fried Chicken; and the refined, subtle flavors of Cantonese classics, including Ginger Fried Rice and ‘White Cut’ Chicken.

A Journey Through China's Regional Flavors

Discover China’s culinary wonders in Luxembourg with Chef Heather. Our event series explores the diverse flavors of China’s regions, from Sichuan’s spices to East Coast seafood. Learn to cook authentic dishes and delve into their cultural roots with Chef Heather. Choose our package for a comprehensive journey through Chinese cuisine’s art and tradition. Suitable for all, this series promises an engaging and flavorful experience.

About Heather

Heather, the “Cooking Musician”, learned to cook from her grandmother who used food as a means of delivering love and kindness to others.

Later, after meeting her husband, a Taiwanese-American, she began a journey to learning about the diverse cooking of China, then further exploring regional cuisines from around the globe.

Heather’s philosophy is that all problems can be solved with an open mind while sharing a meal!

She loves to tell stories of her travels and cooking adventures including sharing those moments of tragi-comedy that occur when chaos reigns in her kitchen. Cooking, after all, is a grand adventure!

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Virtual corporate cooking lessons are an event of 60 to 75-minute session, you, the chef, and other participants will make the entire dish from scratch. It is an excellent event to offer since they are easily customizable and help you or your customer to personalize it. Cooking experiences are also excellent for engaging audiences since they promote contact and involvement throughout the event. Because of the high degree of participation, this sort of event is ideal for team building and creating connections between both employees and colleagues.
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