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Plant-Based Cooking in Luxembourg

Unite Your Team with a Unique Culinary Experience. Ideal for Corporate Events, Team Celebrations, and Networking

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What is From Garden to Table

Discover the Art of Plant-Based Cuisine with From Garden to Table

Immerse your team in a culinary journey where the essence of plant-based cuisine comes to life. Our Chefs bring you an array of exquisite dishes, each crafted from locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Choose from vibrant menus for an engaging 60-90 minute session. This unique cooking experience promises to foster team spirit, creativity, and a shared love for nutritious cuisine.

What You Get

Your Comprehensive Plant-Based Cooking Experience

60-90 Minute Culinary Class

Engage in a hands-on cooking session, perfect for team bonding and culinary exploration

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100% Plant-Based

Delight in dishes that celebrate the richness of plant-based ingredients

locally sourced ingredients

Locally sourced ingredients

Experience the freshest flavors with ingredients sourced right from Luxembourg.

Lasting Memories

Capture the joy of cooking together with photos and videos to treasure.

Host in house or in studio

Choose to host at your premises or in our fully-equipped professional studio

Personalized gifts

Receive customized aprons and kitchen souvenirs to commemorate your experience

What You'll Cook

Learn about Healty cuisine
with a plant-based
culinary experience

Hummus Trilogy

A unique blend of earthy beetroot, creamy Hokkaido, and sweet chestnuts.

Roasted Butternut & Chestnut Cream

Creamy, nutty, and utterly comforting – a butternut squash delight.

Roasted Mushroom Pâté

Savor the rich, umami flavors of this exquisite mushroom creation.

NUTZ'ELLA' Choco, Avocado & Nuts

Indulge in a blend of chocolate, avocado, and roasted nuts – a healthy twist on a classic.

Roasted beetroot Hokaido -Chestnut

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Roeasted Butternut & chestnut cream

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Roeasted Butternut mushroom pâté

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NUTZ'ELLA' choco, avocado & roasted nuts

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The Location You Prefer

Choose Your Ideal Cooking Venue

Cooking studio in Windhof

Partnered with Cactus and Miele, our studio offers state-of-the-art cooking stations for an immersive experience

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In Your Premises

We bring the culinary adventure to your Luxembourg office, transforming your space into a cooking arena

Restaurant partners in Luxembourg ville

In collaboration with 3D events, select from top restaurants in Clausen for an exclusive cooking event.

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About Fabrizio Annicchiarico

Chef Fabrizio’s journey from real estate to the pinnacle of Luxembourg’s culinary scene is a tale of passion and dedication. With a background in Italian cuisine, he evolved from his early days in a friend’s restaurant to founding the Food Porn Company

His tenure at Oak Bistro and his creation of the ‘Pure’ concept at MUDAM reflect his commitment to plant-based cuisine, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients. Fabrizio’s story is a testament to his resilience and dedication to making a significant impact in the world of gastronomy.

Interview with Fabrizio

Customer Testimonial

Our Clients Speak: Memorable Cooking Events with ChefPassport


Our team-building event for 25 was a culinary spectacle! ChefPassport, together with Anne’s Kitchen, ensured a flawless, enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Elena Trost

Elena Trost

Amazon Luxembourg

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Elena TrostAmazon Luxembourg
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"I planned 'lorem ipsum' team-building cooking event for 25 people and it was a blast! Anne's Kitchen and ChefPassport made everything a breeze with their seamless organization from start to finish."

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a unique team-building cooking class focusing on plant-based cuisine. Led by Chef Fabrizio Annicchiarico, it offers an engaging and creative culinary experience for corporate teams

The “From Garden to Table” cooking class is an exceptional choice for corporate team building for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a unique, hands-on activity that encourages collaboration and communication among team members. Cooking together in a fun, relaxed environment breaks down barriers and fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Secondly, the class is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all skill levels, ensuring that every participant can contribute and enjoy the experience. This inclusivity promotes a positive team dynamic and enhances interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, the focus on plant-based cuisine introduces the team to new, healthy food choices and cooking techniques, contributing to their overall well-being. This aspect of the class aligns with many companies’ initiatives towards health and sustainability.

Furthermore, the option to customize the experience allows the event to align with specific team objectives or themes, making it not just a fun activity, but one that resonates with your company’s culture and values.

Lastly, the class is led by an expert chef, providing a professional and educational aspect to the experience. This adds an element of learning and skill development, which is beneficial for personal growth and team enrichment.

Overall, the “From Garden to Table” class is more than just a cooking session; it’s an opportunity for team growth, learning, and enjoyment in a unique and nurturing setting.

The class typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, providing a comprehensive culinary experience without taking up your entire day.

This experience is based on a plant-based menu. On top of that we are happy to accommodate further restriction like gluten. Please inform us in advance about any specific requirements.

The class includes a hands-on cooking session with Chef Fabrizio, all necessary ingredients, and kitchen equipment. Optionally, you can enhance your experience with a wine pairing guided by a renowned sommelier, choose to have a professional photographer/videographer capture lasting moments, and receive kitchenware souvenirs like our branded aprons. These additions are designed to enrich your team’s culinary journey.

We recommend a minimum of 10 participants for an optimal experience, but we can accommodate larger groups. Please contact us for details regarding larger groups.

Not at all! The class is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced cooks.

Yes, we pride ourselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to support local producers and provide the freshest flavors.

Classes can be held at our partner cooking studio Cactus in Windhof, your own premises if suitable, or at selected restaurants in Clausen, in Luxembourg City in collaboration with 3D Events.

Currently, our in-person experiences are only available in Luxembourg. However, we’re expanding to more locations across Europe. Meanwhile we encourage  you to book one of offer virtual cooking classes for teams that are not located in Luxembourg or prefer an online format.

To book the class, simply fill out the booking form located on this page. Once we receive your request, one of our event managers will promptly reach out to arrange a meeting or call with you. During this conversation, we’ll discuss your specific requirements in detail and create a custom proposal tailored to your event’s needs.

Yes, we offer customizable options to align the class with your company’s theme or specific event requirements.

We understand that plans can change. During our initial conversation we will also our  cancellation policy.