Francesca Bonicolini. Authentic Tuscan cuisine




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Central Europe Time (UTC +1)


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Francesca Bonicolini, a passionate local cook and Tuscan native, was raised in the heart of Tuscany in Italy, where she still resides in her family’s home at the edge of Chianti. With a childhood spent cooking alongside her grandmother and helping her mother in the family’s bakery, Francesca developed a deep love for the flavors and traditions of her homeland.

In Italy, food is at the center of everyday life, and Francesca is committed to preserving the culinary heritage of Tuscany by teaching traditional recipes and sharing authentic stories based on her family’s heritage. Her cooking classes are infused with passion and aim to pass down heritage through the art of cooking, ensuring that the flavors and secrets of Tuscan cuisine are never lost.

For those who appreciate the aromas and seasonal flavors of authentic Tuscan cuisine, Francesca’s courses offer a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of a culinary tradition that is celebrated and well-known throughout the world. With a focus on fun and magic, Francesca invites participants to experience the warmth and hospitality of a real Tuscan home while gaining a deep appreciation for the region’s rich culinary history.