ChefPassport – The Recipe to Build Connections

Interview with Matteo Ressa Founder and CEO of ChefPassport by the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

Top 10 Summer Team Building Activities Inspired by his travels around the world and by the constantly renewed discovery of a palette of culinary flavors, Matteo Ressa founded ChefPassport in 2019, with the idea of ​​bringing participants together around gastronomy, culture and traditions. . A sign of the times, the kitchen remains a bulwark against […]

All we need is love and tasty food for the perfect date!

tasty food for the perfect date

When the whole world seamlessly revolves around the ultimate power couple of FOOD and LOVE, this announcement from ChefPassport was the epitome of the “perfect match” with perfect timing. All we need is Love, sometimes Food is just that and tasty food for the perfect date. In this new era, we have realized that it […]

Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me, I Mean Virtually!

What Are Tapas?

Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me, I Mean Virtually! The culinary world is as vast as it is delicious, which adds to the looming question of what should we have for dinner? Some of us might spend hours online searching ‘cooking classes near me’ with the aim to build a diverse home menu. But to no avail, […]

Missed Cinco de Mayo Treats? Try Virtual Cooking!

Cinco de Mayo

There is one magical date that rings all the flavor bells around the world: “Cinco de Mayo” whit try virtual cooking; the feisty and vibrantly festive 5th day of May. This day of celebration unites the globe, spreading a unique experience that can only come from the culinary decadence of Mexican cuisine, musical delights and, […]