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7 Interactive Zoom Team Building Games to Break the Virtual Ice

As the world continues to move further into the digital age, the need to stay informed and connected with colleagues and friends has become more important than ever. With the emergence of Zoom, a powerful virtual platform, it’s possible to stay connected with your team and colleagues no matter where you are. While staying connected is one thing, it’s also important to maintain a sense of togetherness and camaraderie within your virtual group. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 interactive Zoom Team Building games to help break the virtual ice and get everyone talking!

Top Interactive Zoom Team Building Games to Break the Virtual Ice

Name That Tune: Create a playlist of songs to share with the team and challenge them to see who can identify the song and artist first.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of clues or tasks for the team to complete. These could be anything from finding something in their home to taking a selfie with a certain item.

Charades: Split the team into two groups and take turns acting out words, phrases, and movies for the other team to guess.

Two Truths and a Lie: Each team member takes turns sharing two true facts about themselves and one lie. The other team members must guess which one is the lie.

Word Association: One team member starts by saying a word and the next person must say another word associated with it.

Pass the Drawing: Challenge the team to draw a specific object or scene and pass it to the next team member to add to.

Virtual Trivia: Create a trivia game with questions related to the team’s interests, industry, or company.

Zoom Team Building Games – The Key to Virtual Ice Breakers

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of Zoom team building games. provide a unique, interactive experience that allows everyone to stay connected, even when working from home.

What Are Zoom Team Building Games?

We are interactive activities that can be played over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. They are designed to bring teams together and foster collaboration, even when working remotely. These games vary in complexity and can range from simple icebreaker activities to more complex problem-solving tasks. Regardless of the complexity, the main goal of these games is to create a sense of trust among team members.

Benefits of Zoom Team Building Games

There are numerous benefits to using for virtual ice breakers. For one, these activities allow team members to get to know each other better, as they can interact in real-time and share experiences.

Additionally, Zoom team building games can help to improve communication, as they animate team members to actively listen and participate in the conversation. Finally, these activities can also provide a sense of fun and excitement to the workplace, as they give an opportunity for team members to let loose and have a good time. You can also learn more about effective team building activities for conference calls

Types of Zoom Team Building Games

Some of the most popular activities include virtual scavenger hunts, trivia games, and remote escape rooms. For example, a virtual scavenger hunt can be set up using pictures of items from around the office, while a trivia game can be used to test each team member’s knowledge of the organization. Additionally, a remote escape room can be created using a series of puzzles and riddles that the team must work together to solve.

Tips for Hosting Zoom Team Building Games

it’s important to make sure that everyone is included. To ensure this, it’s best to assign one or two team members to be the facilitators of the game. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the game runs smoothly. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the game is on board with the team’s needs and interests. This will help to ensure that the team enjoys the activity and that it is a beneficial experience for everyone involved.


Zoom team building games are a great way to bring teams together and promote collaboration, even when working remotely. These activities provide an unique, interactive experience that can help them getting closer. Additionally, they can help to improve communication and provide a sense of fun and excitement to the workplace.

By following the tips outlined above, organizations can ensure that Zoom team building games are a beneficial experience for everyone involved. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to break the ice and get your team working together, Zoom team building games are the perfect solution.

Are Team Games on Zoom Free?

One of the most popular activities on Zoom is team games, which can be a great way for people to stay connected and have fun while social distancing. But is it free to play team games on Zoom?

The short answer is yes, you can play team games on Zoom for free. Zoom offers a basic free plan that allows you to host meetings with up to 100 participants. You can use the free plan to host team games with your family, friends, or colleagues. You can also use the free plan to host virtual events, such as birthday parties, game nights, or team-building exercises.

However, there are some limitations to the free plan. One of the main limitations is that your meetings will only last up to 40 minutes. If your team game or event lasts longer than 40 minutes, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Additionally, if you want to host more than 100 participants, then you will also need to upgrade to a paid plan.

For those who want to take their team games to the next level, there are some paid options available. Zoom offers a Pro plan that allows you to host meetings with up to 300 participants. You can also get access to more advanced features, such as recording and streaming capabilities, as well as custom meeting rooms. Additionally, there are Business plans that are designed for large organizations, which offer features such as unlimited cloud storage and dedicated customer support.

What is the Five Things Zoom game?

The Five Things Zoom game is an engaging educational game designed specifically for remote learning. It is a good way to keep students interested during Zoom meetings and can be used for various different subjects. The game is based on the premise that each student has five items to share with the class and the goal is to guess what the other items are. In this game, each student will have to think creatively and come up with unique items that the other players have to guess.

The game starts off with each student randomly selecting an item to share with the class. The other players then take turns trying to guess what the item is. The person who guesses correctly first gets a point and the game continues until all the items have been guessed. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

One of the advantages of the Five Things Zoom game is that it encourages students to think critically, use their imaginations, and practice problem-solving skills. It also encourages teamwork as players must work together to figure out what the items are. Since the game is designed for remote learning, it is perfect for any type of virtual classroom setting.

In addition to its educational benefits, the Five Things Zoom game is also a lot of fun. It is an engaging way to keep students entertained while learning important skills. It is also an excellent way to promote collaboration, as it encourages each student to use their creativity to come up with interesting items that the other players have to guess.

Overall, the Five Things Zoom game is a great way to keep students engaged in remote learning. With its educational benefits and fun, engaging game play, it is sure to be a hit with any virtual classroom. It is easy to set up, and can be adapted to fit any subject or topic. So if you are looking for a fun and educational game for your virtual classroom, the Five Things Zoom game is definitely worth a try! This is how companies like Google, Lego and Chefpassport handled Zoom Team Building games

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