tasty food for the perfect date
All we need is love and tasty food for the perfect date!

All we need is love and tasty food for the perfect date!

When the whole world seamlessly revolves around the ultimate power couple of FOOD and LOVE, this announcement from ChefPassport was the epitome of the “perfect match” with perfect timing. All we need is Love, sometimes Food is just that and tasty food for the perfect date.

In this new era, we have realized that it is time to rethink how we function from day to day. However, some shifts have opened a new window to how we communicate. The need for online “human” interaction skyrocketed in 2020 with virtual platforms dominating the new way to stay in touch. Everything from the workplace meetings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, girls night “in” and of course, international cooking classes with ChefPassport; all made possible via your computer screen. The next logical step was making a date night out of it, bringing us to what is coming to launch on 26 April 2021.

tasty food for the perfect date

ChefPassport in collaboration with MEETIC for tasty food for the perfect date

The collaboration allows ChefPassport to bring their prestigious brand of International Chefs to MEETIC, creating an On-Line Date-night cooking experience.

ChefPassport’s interactive cooking classes will bring on board 5 International Professional chefs that cater to 5 Languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. As MEETIC is the singles choice across 15 countries, this collaboration is the perfect pairing for the epicurious date night, world-wide.

“We aspire to unite and deliver authentic flavours to kitchens via Online Cooking Classes around the world. We understand that there is a true need to supply culinary knowledge and access to culinary education.” ChefPassport is striving to build community and to simply connect people.”Matteo CEO of ChefPassport.

ChefPassport in collaboration with MEETIC!

How will this roll out exactly?

The ChefPassport events will be supported by MEETIC creating a one of a kind dating experience. Participants will receive a shopping list of ingredients and a ZOOM link to join their interactive cooking class with their professional Chef. MEETIC will provide their Virtual Event Producers (VEP) to assist in introductions, ice breakers as well as host break out rooms for speed dating, while dining on their lovely culinary creation.

As our Chefs take you on a journey around your plate, guests will be learning so much more than how to cook an authentic international dish, they learn about each other! When we learn that cooking is essentially another language, we learn how to use that new voice in many ways. Communicating in layers. Flavour profiles open up experiences in life that gift limitless conversations to be had.

Passion for creating a dish gives an insight to one’s true personality. Do they rush to the next step? Do they take their time slicing garlic and smelling the aroma as it sizzles in the butter drenched skillet? Do they share what they are experiencing? All of these are an opening question in getting to know someone. Through the cooking process, guests get to take notes on their potential matches and really build genuine questions to start a genuine conversation.

This comes in quite handy when MEETIC’s VEP’s have set up break out rooms for the speed dating segment. Ice breaker in hand, guests can start their conversation over the meal they created.

At ChefPassport this is such an exciting time to join forces with The MEETIC Group and unite people through cooking. After all, food is a universal love language. Given this opportunity to collaborate with a team who has such a message of passion and genuine joy in helping the world connect, gives a beautiful layer to this new adventure- Food and love.

“We believe that food is a medium of love and connecting people through cooking experiences can facilitate finding commonalities among communities of singles. More than ever, during this situation, people are demanding new and different ways to stay connected. “ – Matteo Ressa -CEO ChefPassport
“We are very pleased to keep offering new experiences to singles despite the pandemic. Our collaboration with ChefPassport provides a chance to our singles to make meaningful connections all over Europe.” Morgane Marolleau Arbouz – Head of Events Europe

he goal of ChefPassport is to unite food lovers around the world by creating the utmost authentic experience, by making international cuisine more accessible. This beautiful collaboration with The MEETIC group will take international cooking to the next level. Together we will deliver unique and rewarding cooking experiences that allow our guests to have the world on their plate, finding their perfect match.

We invite you to step into a new comfort box that will open many doors in life. Food Lovers and Future Lovers- Cheers to the journey!

How will this roll out exactly?

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