What Are Tapas?
Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me, I Mean Virtually!

Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me, I Mean Virtually!

Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me, I Mean Virtually! The culinary world is as vast as it is delicious, which adds to the looming question of what should we have for dinner? Some of us might spend hours online searching ‘cooking classes near me’ with the aim to build a diverse home menu. But to no avail, find no immediate way to cook something different tonight.

In the current moment of at home cooking, it is safe to say that breakfast, lunch and dinner, can face the same craving conundrum. So, instead of doing the ordinary, let’s explore the extraordinary world of Spanish culture and include Tapas on our stay at home menu tonight.

What Are Tapas?

What Are Tapas?

“Tapas” is a variety of small portions that allow its flavor enthusiasts to dream and indulge in a dance of palate pleasing sensations. Served warm or cool, accompanied by drinks, ranging from plated olives or ham slices all the way to pork tenderloin or fresh prawns with decadent sauces to match the dish.

Tapas by definition means lid or to cover, which adds to the fun and layered storytelling of the origins of “Spanish Tapas” and why the world has decided to catch on.

History of Spanish Tapas

Many tales can link to the origin of this worldwide delight, but the story of the 13th Century Castilian King, Alfonso X tops the list of theories. Known as the “Wise King”, Alfonso X became reliant upon eating small snacks with his wine to keep his strength at peak levels. Once the King had recovered, he decided to make his findings official, and pass a law that wine or beer served in a tavern, must be accompanied by food. Whether the King decided to pass the law to keep the “overindulgent drinkers” out of the taverns, knowing their little funds would not be used on food as well, or his well-balanced method to keep his strength up, Spanish Tapas has stuck around.

“Tapear” is a fabulous term meaning going from bar to bar for drinks and of course – Tapas. This is crucially “essential” in Spanish Culture and also tells the tale of other origin stories.

Taverns were mostly standing room only, which served well for the “Tapears”, however there was no space to place a plate or a dish when snacking with your wine. Little plates, and I mean little enough to balance on your wine glass safely, safely meaning not spilling your wine glass, were used to hold small bites like ham or olives for the patrons.

History of Spanish Tapas

Bonus: these adorably balanced Tapas dishes were brilliant at keeping the annoying bugs at bay, or disguising a not so magical glass of wine taste, by a strategically placed pungent cheese.

Spanish Tapas restaurants are easily found all over the world and their success has opened the culinary scenes eyes to following suit. “Tapas” themed restaurants are growing as the current dining connoisseur enjoys the social and varietal experience of small plate fare.

As years and tales drift on, we are left today with the wonderful message of Spanish Tapas. Variety and choice! The Spanish encouraged the enjoyment of Tapas before dinner, which in turn, has influenced the modern-day happy hour. The social enjoyments of lovely drinks and light bites were there to merge the work day ending with the nighttime beginning, as traditional dinner time was between 9-11pm.

I love this message because it continues to add magic to our memorable time in the kitchen. Why settle for one craving when you can complement each one with its very own pairing partner!

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So, the next time you search the internet for ‘Spanish cooking classes near me,’ be reminded that with ChefPassport, you have a live interactive online opportunity to build your very own Tapas menu, from the comfort of home.

Spanish Tapas gives us at home, “Home Chefs”, a forgiving reminder that we do not have to settle on “What is for DINNER.” We can sip and simmer and enjoy wherever our inspired creations in the kitchen lead us. One small, perfected, portion, at a time.


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Spanish Cooking Classes Near Me

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