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Unveiling Plant-Based Cooking Class Luxembourg: A Culinary Journey with Chef Fabrizio Annicchiarico

Unveiling Plant-Based Cooking Class Luxembourg: A Culinary Journey with Chef Fabrizio Annicchiarico

The culinary world is often a story of passion meeting destiny. Chef Fabrizio Annicchiarico, rooted in Italian gastronomy, found his calling after a career shift from real estate to the vibrant world of culinary arts. His journey began in his parents’ restaurant, imbibing flavors, techniques, and the essence of cooking from a young age.

“I was born and raised in my parent’s restaurant. BABO aka my father was the pizzaiolo and MAMMINA aka my mother was the main cook. I spend most of my childhood in my mum’s kitchen.”

What inspired you to become a chef, and how did you get started in the world of cooking?

Chef Fabrizio’s story reads like a culinary fairy tale. Raised in his parents’ restaurant, the aromas, flavors, and bustling kitchen became his playground. Despite being discouraged from pursuing a career in cooking, he eventually followed his heart, leaving behind a successful real estate career to rekindle his love for cooking.

“I was told not to waste my time in a restaurant and that I shall look for a job in an office. That’s what I did for almost 18 years. And one day on the peak of my career I decide to turn my life upside down and follow my dream to go back in the kitchen where I belonged.”

Can you share your signature dish and a secret tip that makes it extraordinary?

Chef Fabrizio’s signature dessert, the Raw Gluten-Free Sneaky Cheezy Cake with a Salty Caramel, is a masterpiece. 

“Tip. Instead of using sea salt use white miso for the caramel. It will send you into the stratosphere and you’ll be stateliest by the flavors”


Who are your culinary role models, and how have they influenced your cooking style?

Chef Fabrizio’s foremost inspiration remains his mother, with whom he continues to cook and innovate. However, he encountered another influential figure, Chef Zurath, whom he recently met through ChefPassport and whose passion and dedication aligned seamlessly with his own culinary philosophy.

“He’s a real inspiration, turned somehow into a role model for me. Finally, I felt like I had found someone who is speaking the same language as I do … a language of passion, and an everlasting love for cooking and food in general.”

How do you envision your classes fostering a sense of community among your participants in Luxembourg?

Chef Fabrizio’s classes transcend the conventional realm of culinary instruction. It’s not merely about sharing recipes; it’s about fostering connections, spending quality time, and having fun while learning innovative cooking methods.

“It’s about having fun while learning new ways to cook and to connect. People don’t remember what you taught them, nor gave them. They’ll remember how you made them feel.”

Can you share a memorable cooking experience that had a profound impact on your culinary journey?

“It was the first cooking video I shot 7 – 8 years ago, it was on a food market in Dudelange. All improvised, I had the freedom to cook whatever I wanted in front of the camera, on the street as long as it was coming from the market itself.

It felt so comfortable, I felt like I had finally found where I belong. In the kitchen and preferably sharing my passion (This time it was on video)”

How do you incorporate sustainability into your culinary practices, and what advice do you have for others looking to embrace a more eco-friendly approach to cooking?

“Let me say it in two words: SEASONAL and LOCAL”

For Chef Fabrizio, sustainability is ingrained in his cooking ethos, focusing on using seasonal and local produce. His advice resonates with simplicity and creativity, emphasizing the freedom to swap ingredients and follow one’s intuition rather than rigid recipes.

“If you don’t have a certain ingredient, that’s ok swap it with another one. There is no right or wrong way of cooking, there is only one way and it’s your way.”

What are your favorite plant-based ingredients or cooking techniques that align with your sustainability values?

In Luxembourg’s favorable climate, Chef Fabrizio celebrates the abundance of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and nuts. His preference leans towards oven-based techniques to preserve flavors and nutrients, coupled with a minimalist approach to ingredients, focusing on natural taste enhancers like nutritional yeast, miso paste, and fresh lemon juice.

“Ingredients: The less the better … There are a few typical ingredients in the plant-based cuisine that stimulates your taste buds and nostrils to naturally enhance the taste of everything you cook.”

How do you educate your participants about reducing food waste and making the most of ingredients in your plant-based cooking classes?

In his plant-based classes, Chef Fabrizio instills a holistic approach to utilizing ingredients fully. For instance, he advocates using the whole vegetable, demonstrating how a single ingredient can be utilized in various ways to extract maximum flavor.

“For example, you want to enhance the taste of your dish with lemon? Use the whole lemon several times. Peel the skin to infuse, squeeze the lemon to enhance the taste and cook the rest of the lemon in boiling water to flavor your rice, polenta, potatoes or beans.

Some man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Chef Fabrizio’s classes aren’t just about cooking; they’re a celebration of community, sustainability, and the joy of culinary exploration. Join him in Luxembourg for an immersive experience and unlock the secrets to crafting delectable plant-based delights.

Ready to embark on this culinary adventure? Explore ChefPassport here and be part of the Plant-Based Cooking Class Luxembourg with Chef Fabrizio Annicchiarico.

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