Online cooking Episode 3
The Food Chase – Online Cooking Episode 3 – Paella’s Priceless Beginnings

The Food Chase – Online Cooking Episode 3 – Paella’s Priceless Beginnings

Imagine you are sitting at a seaside restaurant in Barcelona. The Mediterranean breezes are enchanting, yet cannot distract you from your rumbling tummy. Suddenly, the scent of seafood wafts past your nose, as you happily note your waitperson walking toward you. Like Christmas morning, you are presented with a beautiful gift: a steaming paella: its puffed, saffron scented rice topped with immaculately arranged mussels, fish, and shrimp. Your foodie self wastes no time digging in to the aromatic dish, and the online cooking episode 3.

Online cooking Episode 3

Online cooking episode 3: Paellas

With the pandemic hindering any possibility of traveling to the shores of Spain, today I rely on my memories and research of Paella to get me through the day. Here goes…

Paella’s origins can be traced back to the Moorish people. Nearly 1200 years ago, rice was brought to Valencia, Spain, where production in the region was swift to take hold. Paella was not always as luxurious as your Barcelona experience. In fact, it was originally known as peasant’s food. For lunch, farmers would gather rice and whatever meat they had around: oftentimes chicken or rabbit, which was supplemented by simple flavorings.

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Today, paella is known as a quintessentially delicious Spanish meal. Often served at large gatherings, paella is a staple at parties all over Spain. While the first paellas were served with chicken, seafood was gradually introduced, as Spanish families made the recipe their own.

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Interested in enhancing your knowledge of cooking while trying your hand at traditional paella? You’re in luck! At ChefPassport, we have Top Chef Instructor Joshua Weitzer who loves teaching Seafood paella to customers and as Virtual Team Building for organizations eager to connect with each other via the medium of food from the comfort of home.

“The key is to use the best seafood you can find.”
-Top Chef Instructor, Joshua Weitzer

Chef Josh’s class is great for digital food explorers and eager-to-learn kitchen enthusiasts, join us as to learn everything from paella to Spanish culture. We can’t wait to see you at your next class with Chef Josh.

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