Cinco de Mayo
Missed Cinco de Mayo Treats? Try Virtual Cooking!

Missed Cinco de Mayo Treats? Try Virtual Cooking!

There is one magical date that rings all the flavor bells around the world: “Cinco de Mayo” whit try virtual cooking; the feisty and vibrantly festive 5th day of May. This day of celebration unites the globe, spreading a unique experience that can only come from the culinary decadence of Mexican cuisine, musical delights and, of course, a Margarita or two and one Try Virtual Cooking!

History of Cinco de Mayo

While many assume this is the Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is in fact, a holiday that celebrates the Mexican army’s’ victory over France at the Battle of Puebla, during the Franco- Mexican War. May 5th 1862, was also known as, Battle of Puebla Day.

The new President, Benito Juarez, had taken on a country in financial ruin, making the decision to default on payments owed to Britain, Spain and France.
After making peace with Spain and Britain, it was France who had other plans.
Ruled by Napoléon III, fueled with the mission of creating an empire out of the Mexican Territory, the heavily armed French fleet made their move.

A year after the French invaded Veracruz, a stand was made in Puebla.
The battle, lasting the day- with 6,000 French troops facing 2,000 loyal men of Mexico, May 5th 1862, was Mexico’s victory. A true tale of “against-all odds” this day remains the reminder of loyalty and passion to retain their Mexican heritage and culture. A day to be celebrated as we now know, full of musical delights and of course FOOD!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Home why try virtual cooking

Colorful banners, Mariachi music, flaming margaritas and guacamole are what pop into my mind when I think of a Mexican Fiesta. Cinco de Mayo as a phrase, paints a picture of a flavor party that goes all night. Cocina Mexicana is vibrant, unique, and a layered one of a kind personality, that aims to please. The colorful spice, layers of cheesy heaven and the perfect crunch are all attainable pallet pleasures a “chip and dips” reach away.
try virtual cooking

Craving Mexican today? Check out Professional Chef Jair’s ‘Cocina Mexicana private class, or contact us to make this a party – where you and up to 35 friends can learn to cook your favorite Mexican classics.

In this unique and different time we are in, celebrating many events at home has become the new normal. Cinco de Mayo is now one of them, and what a fun event to recreate in the comfort of your own home! Who doesn’t love Mexican cuisine!? So, go ahead and pull out your go to dishes and let the festivities begin!

Most of the staple ingredients needed to create the go-to delish dishes are ingredients you may already have on hand and easy to include in your virtual cooking class.

Whether you are a fried taco, tostada, or classic street taco connoisseur or the decadently rich staple- the Cheese enchilada- you have the ability to create what you dream of! You are in great hands to replicate an array of dishes here at ChefPassport during your private or group virtual cooking class.

The unique gift of cuisine that is each dish has a personality to go along with whatever mood your heart desires. Comfort food is a term used for a reason, especially in the times of cooking at home. A specific craving can be paired with a dish that when created gives us control of that moment. Whatever cooking is to you, a therapy, a safe haven or even a love language, enjoy this time in the kitchen creating what gives you happiness and comfort.


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