Italian Roman Holiday TeamCook – Virtual Cooking Team Building Workshops for Google – Case Study

Italian Roman Holiday TeamCook – Virtual Cooking Team Building Workshops for Google – Case Study

We are thrilled to have run another Virtual Cooking Team Building Workshops for Google on Jun 13 2022. Google does not need introductions, The Asian YouTube division is spread across different countries including Japan, Korean and Singapore and their content team were looking for a new way to have a fun social moment together, despite their distance.

In a world where more and more companies are going fully remote and teams are often scattered scattered across the globe, it can be hard to pull them together in person, that’s where ChefPassport comes in.

Google chose a 60 minutes TeamCook session with Chef David, ChefPassport Top Chef Instructor and selected one of the easiest, tastiest and most iconic ChefPassport experiences: Roman Holiday.

Virtual Cooking Team Building Workshops for Google

Virtual Cooking Team Building Workshops for Google
“Working remotely across different countries makes it harder to bond with your colleagues. With this ChefPassport session we built a team memory and a stronger relationship.” said Midori Hirose, the event organizer for Google.

“I appreciated the support received throughout the event organization, the flexibility in accommodating dates and times and the discounts ChefPassport offered to meet our budget.”

Under the expert guidance of Chef David, all participants spent their time cooking together in a friendly and relaxed environment exchanging ideas, jokes and welcoming one another into their kitchen and homes. Some participants even introduced their pets!
We are delighted to be able to provide a new experience for Google employees and we are proud to hear they enjoy it and received such enthusiastic feedback.

With most of the companies starting planning in this period their end of year events, ChefPassport is the ideal partner for creating a unique Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Xmas virtual cooking experience for your remote Team. Interested? Get in touch!

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