Gaurav Gandhi and Matteo Ressa Co_Founders
How the Idea of Online Cooking Classes Was Born with Chefpassport

How the Idea of Online Cooking Classes Was Born with Chefpassport

ChefPassport: How the Idea of Online Cooking Classes Was Born

This is a short story about our founder, Matteo Ressa, and his passion for food, travel and discovery, and the idea of online cooking classes was.

Before founding ChefPassport, Matteo worked for 15 years in digital product development for major companies worldwide. But, his true passion called to him. Food!

Gaurav Gandhi and Matteo Ressa Co_Founders
Gaurav Gandhi and Matteo Ressa Co-Founders

From Travels to Vision

  • Unite food lovers and cooks from around the world
  • Create authentic experiences and make international cuisine more accessible
  • Use local ingredients as a means to create global flavors
  • Deliver different cooking experiences that allow you to have the world on your plate every day
These ideas came to Matteo after he visited a street food stand in Thailand in 2017. Upon his return to Europe, he knew what he had to do – dedicate his life to ideas he believes in. Spending 2018 saving up money to fund his dream, Matteo realized he needed to learn all he could about running a business. In 2019, Matteo found a pre-seed startup accelerator, Founder Institute, which gave him and a cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs the support needed to pitch, scale and grow. Shortly after joining the program, Matteo quit his job to dedicate his life to his dream, and since then ChefPassport’s vision has become solidified.
Today, Matteo has a team of six passionate food enthusiasts working hard to bring the world of flavor to kitchens around the globe through a network of 33 Professional Chefs and Home Cooks, as well as 30 Online Cooking Classes offering more than 100 dishes to explore.

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ChefPassport in a Nutshell​

ChefPassport provides the tools, resources, skills, and knowledge for food explorers to master authentic traditional dishes from the comfort of personal kitchens. The company offers a variety of online cooking classes for couples & companies, and cooking classes as gifts for curious foodies and adventurous souls.
Idea of Online Cooking Classes Was Born
ChefPassport powered by the Founder Institute

This can be your story too!

If you have a passion for food, travel and discovery – you are not alone. You can always book your online cooking classes with ChefPassport – any time of the day, from any corner of the globe and meet with Professional Chefs or passionate Home Cooks from another part of the world. You can discover traditions, learn the history behind a dish and interact with fellow foodies, all the while creating traditional cuisine from the comfort of your own home. Or for the romantics out there, you can make your next date night special by ordering an online cooking classes for couples and travel across the food world together.

To learn more about Matteo’s story and the beginning of ChefPassport, check out a Silicon Luxembourg feature.

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