ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse
ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse

ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse

Cooking is one of the world’s most ancient art forms. Yet, despite thousands of years since man first put meat on an open fire, technological advances in the world of cooking have been slow to evolve – until now. With VR & AR you can now go on an immersive adventure taking participants on a journey throughout history, cuisine techniques and even different cultures—all while never leaving the kitchen.
That’s exactly what we are doing with our brand new partnership between ChefPassport and Edverse! in the ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse.
ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse
The two companies have teamed up to create an innovative new way for chefs to share their skills with cooking lovers from all over the world through virtual culinary education programs.

Everything started in Dubai in the ChefPassport and Edverse Taking Chefs Into the Metaverse

“When I went to the Gulfood Dubai Tradeshow last February as part of the Food Mission of the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg I had a clear objective in mind. Find other fools like me willing to take Chefs Into the metaverse.” said Matteo Ressa, Founder and CEO of ChefPassport ” – And I did!

Everything started in Dubai

“I attended the seminar “Food into the metaverse” where I had the opportunity to meet incredible thinkers and pioneers of the industry, shared ideas and visions and learned about their own initiatives around this topic. I was thrilled to learn that it is already happening in this space! This is how I got introduced to Edverse and its extraordinary founding team Gautam Arjun (CEO) Alok Patni (CFO) and Yuvraj Krishan Sharma (CPO & CTO).”

Edverse - Decentralizing and Democratizing Education

Edverse - Decentralizing and Democratizing Education

Edverse is building the most democratized education by offering knowledge ecosystems to four specific stakeholders – Learners, Educators. Promoters and Creators. Users will interact via immersive experiences that promote collaboration, communication, and content mastery in a safe environment.

After having successfully closed a $700 Seed Round last May, the company already onboarded schools, public institutions and even an orchestra to their platform. Now it’s Chef’s time! With ChefPassport launching on Edverse the World’s First Virtual Culinary Academy.

This is a game changer and a tremendous opportunity for ChefPassport to continue innovating within the cook-tech industry bringing new disruptive interactive experiences to food lovers, food travelers, cooking lovers, aspiring and professional chefs, individuals and groups.

The metaverse has always been an exciting concept in science fiction and now as a reality there are many ways it can bring us together as human beings. Cooking has been a way of connecting people throughout history and this new partnership with Edverse will allow us to continue exploring that connection today.

ChefPassport Virtual Culinary Academy

Everyone wants to learn cooking from a Master Chef, but in real life it can be complex, expensive and in many cases simply not possible. Because in the real world this is difficult, we decided to do it in the metaverse. Cooking has always been a social experience even when confined to an isolated kitchen (recent pandemic thought this the hard way!). Cooking with friends and family is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time together, and this tradition will continue in the metaverse, especially with the new generations who will grow immersed in metaverse technologies.

ChefPassport Virtual Culinary Academy allows users to actually go into virtual kitchens, interact with food and utensils, and learn how to cook meals with friends or strangers from around the world.

Imagine taking a cultural virtual cooking class with a Thai Chef in Bangkok from Paris together with your parents in Delhi and your friends in New York. Or as an aspiring Chef you can go through a full 6 months professional training culinary course to enable the next step in your hospitality career. Or organize a fun team event for your business where everybody meets the Chef and cooks together in the virtual kitchen.

Edverse and ChefPassport will also take things one step further with technologies like OVR by allowing you to actually smell what’s cooking!

ChefPassport Virtual Culinary Academy

Not Only Virtual Team Building Cooking Workshops

In particular during the pandemic, with the quick rise of Virtual Events for Corporates, at ChefPassport we mostly focused on providing cooking workshops as a virtual team building activity. Now, with the world going back to normalcy, while we will keep on operating our traditional live streaming virtual events, it’s time to explore new and innovative products and services to connect people via food experiences.

“ChefPassport is ready to take the challenge and launch its own experiences in the metaverse. – continues Matteo – This is an incredible opportunity not only for businesses, but also for individuals and Chefs, who will be able to offer their own classes and courses to a global audience within the ChefPassport Virtual Cooking Academy, promoting their private brands and re-sell partner products on meta-commerce.”

Users can watch celebrity chefs cook recipes right on their screen, or attend an interactive cooking course with them. Are you a hospitality professional? Imagine a world where you can train and certify your kitchen staff in virtual kitchens. ChefPassport and Edverse will enable just that.

The entire world of hospitality can benefit from this technology to train, certify and ramp-up kitchen skills through virtual kitchens and culinary programs in the metaverse

In addition to training and certification, virtual cooking experiences can just be fun! This means that chefs can take their guests on an adventure through space or time. What about an Egyptian cooking class with Cleopatra? Or cooking a moussaka while chatting with Aristoteles? Or a tasty carbonara on Mars?

“…or virtually bring back to life my grandma Armanda to run her own Italian cooking lessons…:)” concludes Matteo

The future of culinary education is through the metaverse

The future of culinary education is through the metaverse

We are at the beginning of a revolution in culinary education. ChefPassport and Edverse are pioneering this industry and ready to deliver experiences you have never seen before.

If you want to stay up to date with the launch of ChefPassport virtual Academy and access early birds benefits leave your contact below, for other questions

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