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A Symphony of Flavors & Technology: ChefPassport CEO, Matteo Ressa, Live with Lisa Burke

A Symphony of Flavors & Technology: ChefPassport CEO, Matteo Ressa, Live with Lisa Burke

In the heart of Europe, amidst the undulating hills and charming towns of Luxembourg, lies a radio station that reaches not just the ears but the hearts of its listeners. The Lisa Burke Show, with its enchanting tapestry of discussions that cover everything from pollination to politics, beckons its audience to a haven of global dialogue and storytelling. This Saturday, the 9th of September, at 11 AM CEST, this narrative space welcomes a truly special guest, our CEO Matteo Ressa.

Invited for his unique and inspiring trajectory, Matteo begun his journey deeply engrossed in the world of software engineering and he honed his skills and insights by shaping digital strategies at corporate giants. His transition from a meticulous software engineer to a strategic product manager for global powerhouses digital powerhouses showcased his adaptability and vision. But while these roles refined his professional demeanor, his heart pulsed with a different rhythm – a love for entrepreneurship, food, culture, and connection.

The Prelude: An Italian Tune

Imagine, if you will, the cobblestone streets of Italy in the early 80s , with a child running through them, the aroma of freshly baked bread and the tantalizing scent of pasta wafting through the air.

This child, full of dreams, passion, and an indomitable spirit, was destined for a journey that would take him through the lanes of technology and into the bustling world of culinary wonders. That child was Matteo Ressa.

His origin tale, grounded in Italy’s rich heritage, laid the foundation for his global dreams. Born a global citizen, his Italian roots instilled in him a reverence for tradition, family, and above all, food. Yet, as he grew, another calling beckoned him: the world of technology.

The Crescendo: Silicon Strings and Culinary Chords

Matteo’s journey began deeply rooted in the realm of computer science, with a special emphasis on the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence. His fascination with algorithms and innovative software solutions carved a path that would come to define much of his professional trajectory.

Matteo as Product Manager in Amazon EU

In his ascending career arc, Matteo worked with tech titans like BMW, Vodafone, and Amazon, ultimately relocating to Luxembourg where he lives now. Each of these illustrious collaborations enhanced his expertise, layer upon layer. Navigating these technological behemoths, he honed in on the nuances of scalability, understood the imperative nature of customer satisfaction, and imbibed the ethos of entrepreneurial passion.

The Harmonious Melody: ChefPassport's Culinary Ballad

in 2018 Matteo decided to quit his corporate live and founded ChefPassport with the dream of connecting people and cultures without food and technology. For Matteo, ChefPassport was a melodic narrative that harmonized the digital revolution with culinary experiences. ChefPassport wasn’t just a platform—it was a movement. A digital space where the vibrant tones of global cuisines resonated. Where remote teams could bond over a shared recipe or where a solitary individual in North America could relish the authentic taste of an Asian delicacy.

In Matteo’s own words, the venture aimed at “bridging cultures through culinary experiences.” Through ChefPassport, geographical boundaries dimmed, making way for global flavors to shine. Here, a remote-first company in Australia could bond with their team member in Germany, all the while cooking a traditional African dish. Such was the magic of ChefPassport.

The Bridge: The AI Overture and a World of Possibilities

But as with every good song, there’s always a bridge, a point where the tune takes a delightful turn. For ChefPassport, this bridge was technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence. With the world on the cusp of an AI revolution and with 2 billion people globally navigating dietary restrictions, Matteo saw an untapped symphony.

An innovation that promises personalized, medical-approved meal plans, integration into kitchen IoT devices, and even personalized shopping experiences. It’s where tech and taste intertwine, aiming to bridge the gap between culinary adventures and health tech.

ChefPassport qualifying to the finals as Startup of the Year 2021

The Finale: Global Goals and Sustainable Notes

In our ever-evolving world, sustainability isn’t just a word; it’s a necessary chorus in the song of progress. Platforms like ChefPassport, with FoodGM at its forefront, resonate with global objectives. With 40% of dietary guidance platforms aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ChefPassport’s dedication to global health, responsible consumption, and informed culinary choices make it a game-changer. For Matteo, it’s about crafting a harmonious future, with sustainable choices that don’t forsake tradition, taste, or happiness.

Encore: The Lisa Burke Show

The Lisa Burke Show has long been a stage for global voices. And as Matteo Ressa steps into this spotlight, he brings with him the tales of ChefPassport, the promise ChefPassport, and the dreams of a young boy from Italy who dared to blend the world of bytes and bites.

Join us in this symphony of flavors and technology. Tune in, listen, and embark on this journey with Matteo, as the melodies of his life, passions, and dreams envelop you.

Save the date. Revel in the stories. And let ChefPassport be your guide to a world where every culinary note creates a global echo.

Matteo together with Lisa Burke, Monica Serban and Adelene Lai during the recording of the show

To the dreamers, the foodies, and the tech enthusiasts, this Saturday promises a story you won’t forget. So, turn up the volume, set your reminders, and step into a world where dreams are cooked, coded, and celebrated.

You can listen to the show on RTL Radio or watch in streaming on the Internet Saturday 9 September at 11AM CEST at this link 👉👉

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