Luxembourg Influencer Summit

Saturday, 6 July

Luxembourg's Influencer Summit

Date and Time

Sat, 6 Jul 2024 19:00 – 22:00 CET


Grizzly, 5 Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg

About This Event

3D Events, M-A Associations and ChefPassport proudly present you the first meeting between Luxembourgish influencers residing in Luxembourg. The event will be hosted at the Grizzly bar at the Rives de Clausen, where the exchange between the press and influencers will be the main focus. At the venue, each influencer is given the chance to present his or her profile with a small video presentation. The video presentation has to be upload via this website and you will be contacted shortly if you have been selected among the contestants to participate at the night’s venue. Moreover, ChefPassport is going to take you on a journey of savouring delicious flavours. to explore the rich and diverse world of cuisine, connect with
others, and create lasting memories. To do so, a live cooking performance will take place,
where everyone is given the unique chance to taste a tremendous food experience.

Limited Seats for an Exclusive Experience:

With only 20 spots available, it’s a race to grab your apron! We are looking forward to receive your application and we dearly appreciate your interest.

What to do to be selected:

We kindly ask everyone who is interested to create a video/reel about a maximum time of two minutes, where you introduce your profile/channel and what topic you are focusing on.
Show us your world and topic you are passionate about and expression it to us in the most creative and overwhelming presentational way, so that everyone is completely blown away by your introduction and content of your video/reel. When you create this video/reel, please show us in every detail how spontaneous and creative you are. Surprise us to a level of perfection while adding great music, effects, fantastic content and different settings and locations in you presentation. You could even cut out moments of your previous reels/videos that you place in a new light that makes you shine like a star. Just link the reel once ready in the related field on the registration form on this page. We will consider only application who successfully submitted their Video Presentation

Quick and Easy RSVP:

Use the form on this page to register. 


18:00 – Influencers only for a short briefing and last questions in relation to their presentation.
19:00 – Doors open for partners, family, friends and press. A welcome drink will be served
19:15 – Opening of the event with greeting everyone and introducing the partners and sponsors first.
19:30 – Introduction of the first 10 influencers profiles.
20:15 – Live cooking presentation with Anne Faber
21:00 – Introduction of the the second set
21:45 – Last words and time to exchange with each profile, partners and press.
22:00 – Doors open for family and friends.

The most important time slot the one at 18:00. We really invite the influencers to be on time to double check the final details with them. Starting from 19:00 on, there will be no rush in regard of the time codes. If once we exceed or fall behind 10-15 minutes does not matter as long as every profile is introduced to a maximum and that the live cooking show is a full success.

We will definitely reach the target to cover all until 22:00 that at that moment we have a great networking moment with all the people present.

Furthermore, a welcome drink will be offered to the people present from 19:00 on.

Every drink after has to be purchased at the bar.

Aim of the event:

Very much delighted to finally meet our great and divers tale ts of the influencer scene in Luxembourg and to share a great networking moment. Let’s have a fantastic time together, where we enjoy the moments of positive exchange and presentation of each element present to build a community. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture to celebrate the variety of different social media worlds. Let’s make everyone aware that Influencers in Luxembourg exist and be frontrunner of this very first Luxembourg’s Influencer event.

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