Tania Yordan




Italian, Spanish, English

Time Zone:

Central Europe Time (UTC +1)



Tania is an Italo-Colombian who grew up in the Italian countryside of Umbria – also known as the ‘Green Heart of Italy.’ She was raised in a bilingual speaking household and can even give classes in English and of course Italian and Spanish, too! Her passion and studies brought her to Luxembourg, ironically called the ‘Green Heart of Europe’. It looks like Tania cannot stay away from green regions! She wants to share with the world secrets of genuine food, based on simple ingredients that mix together into a symphony of taste. When she was younger, she supported her mother, a wizz in the kitchen and someone who mastered how to transform simple garden products into masterpieces. Later, Tania started replicating her childhood dishes, both Columbian and Italian, while living in different countries (Switzerland, Spain and now Luxembourg). From home made pasta, to authentic bread, moving to special types of meat and ending with tasteful desserts – Tania can share a load of home cooking knowledge with you. She also has a passion for wild boar and rabbit – so you meat-eaters out there, be prepared to put on your aprons. Growing up in the ‘Green Heart of Italy’ only a few kilometers from iconic Italian Chef Giorgione, Tania respects the authentic tastes of nature and how to conserve organic local food with the highest hygienic standards. When you book a class with Tania, you will learn how to cook real food in its purest and most natural form. In Umbria, gnocchi is usually prepared in summer, when you can pick whole potatoes from the garden. This time of year makes it easier to peel them and gives them the right consistency to make a proper dough. Remember, you can still prepare the meal outside the summer season. In Umbria, the tuffle used to fill the gnocci is called “scorzone.” It is a typical mushroom available in the summer and found on the Apennines’ mountains. Don’t worry, we can help you find the best equivalent variety in your hometown, and help you bring the taste of Italy to life. As you cook the meal, you will smell and taste the freshness of nature and the rustic flavors brought to life by the potatoes. The fresh ricotta underlines this dish’s unforgettable taste, and is sure to make you think of the Green region in Italy.

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