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Chef Shery Mesbah has been working in big corporates for over 10 years, yet she has always been obsessed with food and cooking. She was raised in a home where it was all about food; her mum is an amazing cook and her grandma was the master of all cooks. Almost two years ago, she started following her passion and created her Instagram blog @the_nomad_cookery. It combines the two things she loves the most, which are exploring all the different cuisines in the world through her travels and experimenting with and creating recipes that are delicious and easy to follow. In her travels, she immediately fell in love with the cuisines of the Mediterranean region which she has become an expert in. Through her blog she also revives her traditional Egyptian cuisine which is extremely underestimated. A while back she started obtaining certifications in the world class cooking school “Le Cordon Bleu” to help develop her techniques and further enhance her creativity with food. She has joined Chefpassport to share her delicious recipes and provide step by step guidance on how to prepare some amazing dishes. She is excited to share with you everything delicious from her country Egypt and all the different fusions from the Mediterranean region. Her goal is making everyone’s life much easier and more efficient with super tasty outcome, whether they like or don’t like cooking. In her class you will not only love what you’ll cook with her but you’ll also enjoy the experience and get all the tips and tricks you need.

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