Nico Foglia




English, Italian

Time Zone:

Central Europe Time (UTC +1)



Chef Nico, is an amateur (home) Chef whose culinary journey stretches all through Italy. Growing up near Naples he took his passion for Italian food to Rome and Milan, mastering a lovely varietal of recipes and ingredients that touch on all Italian regions. Settling in Munich, he carried his love of Italian cuisine close to his heart, wearing his title of “Italian Cuisine Ambassador” proudly. A profound label gifted from friends and colleagues. A repertoire as a family chef, he takes the important responsibility of the ideation and preparation of Christmas lunch, a role that is very serious and notable in Italy. Those close to Chef know his love for fished base preparations and of course all Italian masterpieces. The timeless rich risotto and the classic carbonara and parmigiana dishes. The ability to share his skill in this international comfort food arena, adds a local touch to elevate the Italian cooking experience.

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