Gianna & Vicky

Chef’s Gianna and Ludovica are the dynamic Italian duo ready to bring you into their kitchen, and stay a while. As aunt and niece, family is everything and family is food in Italy. Based out of Milan they specialize in authentic Milanese dishes. Welcome to the family with these lovely ladies, as you will learn […]

Aditya & Richa

Aditya & Richa live in London, and they both come originally from India where they developed over the years their passion for cooking coming from their long family spicy tradition.

Judel Sean

Chef Judel Sean is an amateur Chef from the Philippines. After getting his degree in hotel and restaurant management, Chef Judel quickly knew his direction would be in the kitchen. Growing his culinary resume by working in a variety of restaurants, he has great knowledge of French and Italian Cuisine, though he specializes in Pilipino […]

Ikuko Asoh

Chef Ikuko Asoh is a home chef born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her passion for the culinary world became very clear at a young age, fueling her curiosity for all thing’s food and travel. Her journey started with a career as a teacher of the Japanese language, which allowed her to travel around the […]

Chase Nilson

Chef Chase Nilson has been a part of the culinary world for over fifteen years and can be described as an at-home culinary adventurer who loves butter. He will tell you that he has always been an active part of the kitchen, whether simply helping or perfecting a dish. His chef journey landed him as […]

Sofia Lahlali

Chef Sofia Lahlali is a personal chef from Morocco. Growing up on the local cuisine quickly showed her a passion to learn the wonderful flavor profile specific to the Moroccan culture. At 39 years old, Chef Sofia is here to do just that! With the kitchen being her comfort zone, and a belief that cooking […]

Zoe Stavroulaki

Chef Zoe Stavroulaki is an (amateur) (Home) chef who is from the beautifully tranquil country of Greece. She considers herself a traditional Mediterranean woman that takes pride in the good cooking habits her rich culture believes in. Plates layered with fresh ingredients, the beauty of tasting the full body of olive oil and of course […]

Tania Yordan

Tania is an Italo-Colombian who grew up in the Italian countryside of Umbria – also known as the ‘Green Heart of Italy.’ She was raised in a bilingual speaking household and can even give classes in English and of course Italian and Spanish, too! Her passion and studies brought her to Luxembourg, ironically called the […]

Shery Mesbah

Chef Shery Mesbah has been working in big corporates for over 10 years, yet she has always been obsessed with food and cooking. She was raised in a home where it was all about food; her mum is an amazing cook and her grandma was the master of all cooks. Almost two years ago, she […]

Nico Foglia

Chef Nico, is an amateur (home) Chef whose culinary journey stretches all through Italy. Growing up near Naples he took his passion for Italian food to Rome and Milan, mastering a lovely varietal of recipes and ingredients that touch on all Italian regions. Settling in Munich, he carried his love of Italian cuisine close to […]