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Japanese Gyoza Culinary Team Building: An Immutable Company’s Recipe for Success

Sending our wild ideas without worrying about logistics was a game changer. Plus, the impressive attendance and high engagement made it a huge success as a virtual event.

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Customer name: Hannah Blane
Company: Immutable

Japanese Gyoza Culinary Team Building: An Immutable Company's Recipe for Success Case Study


In the fast-paced world of technology and digital innovation, fostering a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie is essential. Immutable, a prominent tech company with a global reach, found a delightful and effective solution to strengthen their team bonds: a virtual culinary team-building event centered around the art of making Japanese gyoza. In collaboration with ChefPassport and Chef Yuka, Immutable embarked on an unforgettable journey of creativity, collaboration, and delicious vegan cuisine. Join us as we delve into Immutable’s experience and uncover the reasons behind their choice of this unique culinary adventure.

Building a Strong Team:

Immutable, consisting of approximately 100 individuals primarily based in Sydney but with a global presence, specializes in creating a platform for buying and selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and developing captivating video games. Prior to their culinary team-building event, Immutable had explored various team-bonding activities, including cocktail-making classes, coffee chats, and sports activities. However, with the challenges posed by the lockdown, they sought a novel and inclusive experience that could bring their team together, regardless of their geographical locations.

Finding the Perfect Solution:

Immutable discovered the immersive and engaging world of virtual team building and connected with ChefPassport and Chef Yuka to orchestrate a remarkable culinary adventure centered around vegan gyoza. The decision to choose gyoza, a traditional Japanese dish, was fueled by its versatility, ability to accommodate dietary preferences (such as gluten-free options), and the unique experience it offered to the participants. With ChefPassport’s expertise and Chef Yuka’s guidance, Immutable embarked on a delightful journey into the art of gyoza-making.

The feedback from their team members was overwhelmingly positive. The attendance and engagement levels during the virtual event were impressive, ensuring everyone felt included and actively participated in the cooking process. The opportunity to connect with colleagues, chat in real-time, and ultimately savor the end product of their culinary efforts created a shared sense of accomplishment and celebration within the team. Immutable eagerly awaits further statistical analysis to uncover the full impact of this extraordinary team-building experience.

For Immutable, the collaboration with ChefPassport and Chef Yuka went beyond merely easing their workload. It provided an exceptional opportunity for their team to come together, enjoy themselves, and celebrate their collective achievements. They believe that not engaging employees and neglecting such experiences could be detrimental to a company’s growth. By investing in team building, Immutable solidified their commitment to their employees’ well-being and created an environment that nurtured collaboration, creativity and a shared sense of purpose.

As the world gradually returns to normalcy post-pandemic, Immutable remains enthusiastic about the potential of virtual team-building events. With remote workers comprising a significant portion of their team, the company recognizes the importance of ensuring that every employee feels valued and included. Immutable is eager to continue organizing hybrid and remote team-building offerings, leveraging the power of technology to connect and engage its diverse workforce, regardless of their physical location.

Unveiling the Delightful Journey of Japanese Gyoza and Vegan Variations

In the heart of Japan, where culinary traditions blend with rich cultural heritage, a beloved dish has captured the taste buds of locals and global food enthusiasts alike. Japanese gyoza, with its delicate wrapper and flavorful filling, has evolved into a culinary icon, enticing both the adventurous and the traditionalists. Join us as we embark on a storytelling adventure that unveils the captivating history and mouthwatering flavors of Japanese gyoza, with a special focus on the rise of its vegan variations.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Gyoza

Our story begins in the bustling streets of Yokohama during the early 1900s. As Japanese soldiers returned from their overseas assignments, they brought with them the flavors and techniques of Chinese cuisine. Inspired by the humble jiaozi, a Chinese dumpling, these soldiers sought to recreate the dish with a unique twist that would cater to the Japanese palate. And thus, gyoza was born—a harmonious fusion of Chinese culinary influence and Japanese culinary sensibilities.

Chapter 2: The Dance of Flavors

Japanese gyoza boasts a dance of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds. The thin, delicate wrapper, made from a mixture of flour, water, and salt, is skillfully pleated by experienced hands. Once filled with a delightful blend of ingredients, such as ground pork, cabbage, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce, the gyoza is ready to be cooked. The sizzle of the gyoza hitting the hot pan creates an irresistible aroma, and as they turn golden brown, their crispy bottoms beckon eager appetites.

Chapter 3: The Vegan Revolution

In recent years, as the world embraces plant-based lifestyles and ethical dietary choices, gyoza has undergone a remarkable transformation. Enter the world of vegan gyoza, where creativity and innovation bring forth a delectable array of plant-based fillings. Shredded vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, and textured soy protein take center stage, offering a medley of flavors and textures that rival their meat-based counterparts.

Chapter 4: The Rise of Vegan Gyoza

The rise of vegan gyoza reflects a growing awareness of sustainability, health consciousness, and the desire to reduce our carbon footprint. By incorporating plant-based ingredients, vegan gyoza not only caters to dietary restrictions but also celebrates the abundance of flavors that nature provides. With a careful selection of spices, herbs, and sauces, vegan gyoza offers a vibrant and mouthwatering experience that appeals to both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Chapter 5: Uniting Cultures, Inspiring Palates

The allure of gyoza lies not only in its flavors but also in its ability to transcend borders and cultures. As Japanese cuisine spreads its wings around the world, gyoza has become a beloved dish in countless countries. It has effortlessly merged with local ingredients and culinary traditions, giving birth to a multitude of creative adaptations. From kimchi-filled gyoza in Korea to cheese-filled gyoza in Italy, the world has embraced this culinary gem, making it a global delight.

The story of Japanese gyoza is a tale of culinary harmony and adaptation. It speaks to the power of cultural exchange and the unifying force of food. Whether enjoyed in a traditional izakaya in Tokyo or crafted with a modern twist in a trendy vegan eatery, gyoza continues to captivate taste buds and hearts around the world. So, embark on your own culinary adventure, savor the flavors of Japanese gyoza, and let its story inspire you to explore the endless possibilities of this beloved dish.


As we conclude our journey through the captivating world of Japanese gyoza, we invite you to reflect on the power of food to bring people together. The story of gyoza reminds us that shared culinary experiences can transcend cultural boundaries and create connections that enrich our personal and professional lives.

At Immutable, the tech company that understands the importance of fostering strong team bonds, they discovered the remarkable impact of a culinary team-building event centered around vegan gyoza. By embracing this unique experience, they not only celebrated their company’s successes but also cultivated a sense of camaraderie and unity among their diverse team.

Now, it’s your turn. Consider the possibilities that lie within your own organization. Imagine the joy, laughter, and collaboration that can arise from a shared culinary adventure. Why not take a page from Immutable’s book and organize a team-building event that brings your employees together, allowing them to create unforgettable memories and strengthen their connections?

Visit ChefPassport’s corporate cooking classes page to learn more about how they can help you plan a virtual or in-person team-building experience that revolves around the art of cooking and the joy of sharing a delicious meal. Let them guide you in crafting a customized event that suits your company’s needs and fosters a sense of togetherness among your employees.

Remember, the bonds formed through shared experiences are the foundation of a thriving and harmonious team. So, don’t hesitate—take action now, and embark on a culinary journey that will leave a lasting impact on your company’s culture and the relationships between your employees.

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